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The Perfect Golf Swing Routine

Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing needs a routine

After playing golf Thursday to get my perfect golf swing grooved, I realized that I need something else. I needed to get a golf swing routine perfected.

By perfected I mean to get a routine that will help me concentrate and deliver the same swing every time.

Why you ask?

Last Thursday, I was playing really well. I was just three over par after seven holes. When we got to the eighth hole it was beginning to thunder and a slight rain was falling. I began thinking about hurrying so that I could finish and not get struck by lightning. So I hurried my swings and ended up with a double bogie on the eighth hole.

On the ninth hole it was beginning to rain and lightning was being seen a little behind us and  we were concerned that it would get worse. We would have to use this hole to go in so we decided to hit our ball while we did. I hit my drive into the sand trap. I got out OK but just as I was going to shoot my third shot a large thunder occurred. I hit my shot into the water, then my fifth shot was in the sand trap. My sixth shot was out but I three putted for a nine on a par 5.

I blame all of this on the oncoming rain storm. That’s the truth and I am sticking to it because I have the perfect golf swing.

So what do I need to help the perfect golf swing in the storm.

So on Friday, my wife and I went golfing to improve our perfect golf swing. We went to a course that we don’t play too often as it is about 10 miles further then the one’s we usually play.

I was feeling rushed as we got to the first tee and a guy had his ball teed up but told us to go ahead as he was waiting for another guy to show up. I hit a great drive but I hurried and hit my second shot which was under a tree. Then I hit a third shot onto the green and two putted for a five. But I was in a hurry.

We got to the next tee and I hurried my drive again. There appeared to be a couple in front of us but they were very slow and seemed to just be sitting in their cart. Then when they moved I saw that there was another cart with them and that is what they were waiting for. Then I realized there was another foursome in front of them that had two adults and two kids that were holding up the old folks. So we bypassed the par three third hole and went to the fourth hole.

Finally after playing the fourth hole to get ahead of them I could slow down. I also realized that there was a bunch of twosomes in front of us so I wasn’t going to go anywhere fast. So I finally relaxed and succeeded to par the next four holes. On the ninth hole I decided I was going to hit my 5 hybrid as I had used it Thursday and had hit it badly each time even with my perfect golf swing and the storm.

The perfect golf swing needed a routine

As we began playing the ninth hole to use my perfect golf swing with my 5 hybrid it began to rain. No thunder or lightning but rain. As I hit my 5 hybrid for the second time if was really raining. My wife says lets go, so we picked up our balls and headed for the car.

On the way home I realized that even in the rain I hit my 5 hybrid almost perfectly. Why, I wondered and it was then that I realized I had taken the time to put everything in it’s proper place so that I would use the perfect golf swing to hit that stupid 5 hybrid. I then decided I needed a golf swing routine so that I would not be swayed by outside activities that would move me away from my swing.

So I went to youtube to look for directions on pre-shot routines for my perfect golf swing.

I found three that I want to share with you. Three you say but one is about using dumb, stupid and slow pre-shot routines. The second is about a good pre-shot routine for how to position your ball for each club and the third is about pre-shot golf swing routine.

So I hope you will enjoy. I am setting up a pre-shot routine for my perfect golf swing and I will let you know how it works out.

Stupid golf swing… No joke, this guy in the black does this exact same pre-shot routine before every ball he hit at the range.

Please do not do anything like this. If you are doing it now, STOP IT.

This next video is a good routine video for where to position your ball for each club you select;

And finally a pre-shot routine to set up your swing for the very best shot each time;

I hope you have enjoyed these videos for your perfect golf swing. It is essential that you develop a pre-shot routine that will help you swing well all of the time. The routine does not need to take long but it must be consistent.

See ya tomorrow I hope. And please do not forget about signing up for my list, CLICK HERE NOW


Thanks, Lou M.

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