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The Perfect Golf Swing Requires Practice

The Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing requires lots of practice

In order to have the perfect golf swing it takes a lot of practice. Even for the pro golfer he/she must practice before during and after a golf event. It is said that a pro golfer will hit over a 1,000 balls during a four day event. This requires dedication but we are talking about perfecting their job.

At your job, do you do repetitive things to improve what you do on a daily basis. I know, I used to and I am doing it now.

So to get better you must practice. But there is good practice and worthless practice.

To have the perfect golf swing how do you practice

In order to have the perfect golf swing the practice must be something that reinforces the good things about your golf swing. For an example. If you go to the driving range and get a small bucket of golf balls (about 60 balls) and take your driver and just start hitting the balls with no purpose other than hitting then this is bad practice.

But, if you do the same and want to hit balls with a golf swing speed of 100%, 90%, 80% and then 70%, this is good. If you try to draw the ball or fade the ball with these various golf swing speeds this is also good. That is what I mean when I say you must have good practice. You must do these repetitive things with a goal in mind like getting your perfect golf swing.

More examples for the perfect golf swing

Even though I told you those examples were a good way to practice for your perfect golf swing, you must have had training on how to do these things. For an example, if you have never been taught or shown or read how to draw the ball then how are you going to do it?

You could try it by yourself, many people learn by themselves with no instructions but it is very hard and time consuming. It is easier to do if you have the Internet at your finger tips. Just go to  directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing or YouTube and look up how to… and you will find any number of ways to do anything including the perfect golf swing.

When you want to learn anything you will find a hand full or more of ways to do it. There is no right way or better way to do anything so just find a couple that intrigue you and try them out. You could save a lot of time by getting an instructor to show you his method of doing it to see if it is something you can get the hang of doing. If it doesn’t work out just try another. There is no perfect golf swing, only your perfect golf swing.

My perfect golf swing is getting better but…

I have been playing quite a bit lately as I am playing in two leagues and my wife is getting better the more we play so she wants to play more. That means I am playing four or five nine hole rounds weekly. My perfect golf swing is getting closer to perfect every day.

Here is an example. Yesterday was Thursday and I played in my normal morning golf league. I shot a 45 but I three putted four greens. If I would have just two putted those four greens I would have had a 41. I had a four foot putt for a par and missed it. If I would have made that putt it would have been a 40.

My drives were excellent, my approach shots were also excellent, my chips were also excellent but my putts sucked. So my golf swing is almost perfect and I hit the balls with authority. I am back to 155 to 160 yards with my 7 iron. I hit my 5 hybrid about 185 yards and my two iron goes over 200 yards and I hit it on a rope and straight.

So I can honestly say my golf swing is almost perfect. I have the perfect golf swing I have been looking for.

I still need practice for the perfect golf swing

When I got through playing golf, which took over 2.7 hours, with my perfect golf swing, I mowed the lawn and cleaned up the yard. My wife then decided she wanted to play again so we went out golfing.

I was a little tired but I want to go golfing whenever I can. I would love to be able to play 18 holes four or five days a week and that may happen soon but right now I am still playing a lot compared to my normal activities. I probably should have deferred until today but they are predicting rain most of the day.

I talk about this as my drives were not nearly as good as they were in the morning. I ended up with a 47 and also had three three putt greens but my score reflects how I felt about playing the second nine. I just did not have my head into the round. I tied a number of drives using a 50% golf swing only to pull them dead left into the woods. I lost two balls but found three pretty good balls so I was ahead.

This second nine was not a good practice nine except for the second from last hole, a par 5, where I used my 5 hybrid for every shot except for the chip and two putts for a six.

This hybrid and my three metal don’t get used very much so I like to use them every now and then more than I would during a normal round. Most of the golf courses I play on  results in a drive that leaves me with 150 yards or less for the rest of the hole. So I don’t use these two clubs or many other clubs at all. I was just thinking, I’ll bet I could probably carry my driver, seven iron, eight iron, wedge and putter as that is what I use for about 90% of my shots. I think I will try that next week, maybe Monday.

I have found that I hit my three metal in excess of 220 yards, so I have to be careful not to hit into golfers in front of me. There are times when I am out with my wife that I will use a club I haven’t hit for a few rounds that will be short of the golfers in front of us or even use my wedge to practice with when I should have used the three metal.

Another method of practice to hit my clubs better using my perfect golf swing. By the way, I have been hitting my wedge over 100 yards recently. An improvement of over 30 yards from the last year or more. Again it was a matter of experimentation using things I have learned and am now implementing.

To get the perfect golf swing takes good instruction with simple steps to follow and the ability to practice to get better. If you don’t have all three it is a waste of time. I should not say that as many people go out and play just to be with friends and enjoy the sunshine and vistas. They don’t concern themselves with the perfect golf swing or good golf scores.  So if you are one of them then just enjoy what you do and have a good time.

If that is not you and want to get better then please go to the simple golf swing tutorial from David Nevogt and learn how to get better and enjoy your self more on the golf course. Just follow my link and get better in three weeks or less and sign up for my newsletter.

See ya next week.

Lou M.

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