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The Perfect Golf Swing Just Gets Better

 The Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing just gets better

It seems like an oxymoron to say that the perfect golf swing gets better but that is just what I am saying. Why? Because there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing.

I have said all along that there is not perfect golf swing, only the perfect golf swing for you and even that is not true. In order top have a perfect golf swing you need to be taught a swing by an instructor that you like and then practice like crazy until you have it perfected then you have to continue to practice daily or very often to continue to have your perfect golf swing.

When you ease up even the slightest, your perfect golf swing will go away.

Also, as you get better with your golf swing you will find ways different then you now use to get better. An example is Tiger Woods and how he has changed his swing about four times in the last two years. People have spent hundreds of dollars to try and emulate Tiger’s golf swing as   this video shows   only to have him change that swing.

So, the perfect golf swing does not exist except for your swing. Is it perfect for you or just OK? Can it be improved upon? Yes! Will your swing change over the years? Yes! Will you need a different swing as you get older? Yes!

Also, you will find that even if you are taught the perfect golf swing for you, there are aspects of the swing that you will alter to make it more appropriate for your style and desire. So, things change and desires create differences for just about everything you do in life. So to does your perfect golf swing.

What is changing with my perfect golf swing.

I have been playing a lot lately. I am averaging playing golf 4 times per week and practicing the perfect golf swing every time I play. Sometimes it is great and others it is OK. Why is that I keep wondering. It appears that I play really well during my leagues and just so so when I play with my wife. I am just trying to swing to hard and I am not sure why. I don’t need to impress her as she knows that I am a very good golfer. So why don’t I shoot well with her.

Today, I played in my league and shot a 44 and did not three putt a single green. Actually, I had 17 putts and was very proud of that accomplishment, considering how badly I have been putting lately. So what happened? I had one par and eight bogies. I was not able to hit but one green in regulation and that was the par. All of the bogies were a result of missing the green in regulation and not being able to chip well.

I chipped good but the greens were not curving like I anticipated. I would expect very little break and it would break a lot. Then when I prepared for the big break, I would get very little. I would then two putt and go onto the next hole.

The reason I am using for the missed greens was the ball. I have recently switched over to the new Srixon Tour Yellow golf ball. I drive it straight and it has pretty good spin but does not seem to go as far as I have recently been hitting my clubs. So the result is I am short or wide of my intended target and need to chip to get the par. But alas, I am not doing it right. I really think the problem is that I am playing on too many different golf courses and the greens are different at each one as well as the ball. This results in my perfect golf swing being great but I am not scoring very well.

How do I fix this glitch in my perfect golf swing

So now I am wondering what I must do to fix this glitch in my perfect golf swing. Do I play the same course over and over again? I don’t think that would be very productive and for sure boring. But it would make my scores go down. I know, I have done that before. I played the heck out of a course and knew every nook and cranny so that I would know exactly where to hit the golf ball and what I would expect out of the greens.

I also know that when I would go to a new golf course and play it for the first time my score would be much higher then normal. The second time I played that course my score would be closer to normal. So we know that an unfamiliar course would negatively impact your ability score well even with a perfect golf swing.

What can I do to make the perfect golf swing good for all courses

I think I have the idea for the perfect golf swing on these different courses. I am going to have to pay closer attention to the greens on each course and maybe even go so far as to record what these greens do so that I can chip and putt better on these greens.

I know that some are faster and some have more breaks then others. I also know that one course I play is pretty much very little break no matter what it looks like. There are differences in the size of the greens also and that can make a huge difference in how you putt from one to the other. One course has smaller greens but they are very tough greens to putt due to the undulations in the greens.

There is even one green that looks like it will go down hill very fast and have a big break at the bottom only to find out there are no breaks due to the course being tilted in a different direction and the hole is actually flat. But you wouldn’t know that without secret info from the rangers or golf course manager.

I think that all I did today was to ramble on about stuff. I told you I played well but did not score that well. I had a 44 with one par and eight bogies. I played badly with my wife and lost three balls on a different course then I played in the morning. If I would have kept score it would have been about 46. Not bad but could have been better. I guess I am getting better and expect more from my perfect golf swing.

Anyway, that’s enough for today. I have been very busy and have neglected getting my posts out like I said I would. I have a vacation coming so it will probably be even worse but I will try to get these posts out to you about my perfect golf swing. To get more info about perfect golf swings sign up for my newsletter and get instant access to the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt where he will give you his set up chapter to entice you to buy the complete book which I highly recommend, especially for those of you that shoot in the 100’s or even the 50’s during your golf league.   Click Here NOW.

Thanks and see ya next week.
Lou M.

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