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The Perfect Golf Swing is Almost Here Already!

The Perfect Golf Swing is Almost Here

The elusive perfect golf swing is almost here for me.

In looking for the perfect golf swing we went golfing on Tuesday where we played nine holes. The course was wet as it had rained the night before. The course we played has three nine hole courses and we had our choice which course to play so we went on the one that was the driest. It was the same one we played last week so we are pretty familiar with it. And if you want to familiarize your self with the typical golf swing then go to Wikipedia for info.

I have not been able to practice the swing as I am very busy with other things at the moment. So, it was good to get out and swing the club. I can’t wait for my leagues to start so that I can perfect the perfect golf swing.

The perfect golf swing is very awkward

This golf swing which I call my perfect golf swing is very awkward. The grip is like nothing you have ever tried and the stance is very specific which is also very awkward and the back swing is slightly higher than parallel to the ground. But I can hit the ball like I used to and it is fun playing.

I say that and I have only played twice with the new perfect golf swing for a total of 18 holes and been to the driving range where I hit 100 balls, so I think it is coming around very quickly.

I have been using a club shaft with grip and no club head to practice my grip when I have a couple of quiet moments, so that has helped.

But all in all it has come around quite quickly. My golf partner in one leagues has been out of golf for over 20 years and played last year for the first time. It showed as he had scores from 48 to 65 for nine holes. He wants to get better so I am going to experiment with him with this new perfect golf swing to see if it will help him also.

What my perfect golf swing is like

The new perfect golf swing is crazy. The grip with both hands is weird. Let me see if I can describe it properly.

If you take your left hand and try to touch all of your finger tips together stretched out. That is about what your top hand grip is going to feel like.

A normal grip would have you put your thumb on the top of the club which I will call 12:00 o’clock. If you are a right hander and this is your left hand thumb and you moved your thumb towards your right on the grip it will be 1:00 o’clock or 2:00 o’clock as you move it clock wise on the grip.

Well, this grip has the thumb at 3:00 o’clock, exactly parallel to the flight of the ball. When you put all of your fingers together, you will notice that the finger palm pad and the thumb palm pad crease and make a vee. That is where you want the club shaft grip to go is in that vee. That makes the shaft more upright in your grip. and with your thumb on the grip at 3:00 o’clock, the back of your hand is facing up to the sky.

Does that seem weird. You betcha. BUT, and here is a big but, if you have done that properly you will see that the elbow is facing your target and the arm will hinge perfectly with the flight of the ball. Another but here, if you make sure that your hands are no higher than then your head on your backs swing, the left arm does not hinge anyway. Thus, this is just part of the perfect golf swing.

What is the other part of the perfect golf swing

Now, that was just part of the perfect golf swing. What is next? The right hand of course!

If you think the left hand is weird then wait for the right hand. You are going to use the over lap grip but there is a little quirk to that of course. You remember how I mention the vee between the two palm pads? Well you have a vee on you right hand as well. And of course if you are left handed you will reverse everything.

By the way, they call the left hand grip with the thumb facing the flight path as the power grip with the thumb pushing the swing. So if the left hand thumb is pushing the swing for a right handed golfer what is the right hand doing. Why, it is guiding the swing of course!

If the right hand is the guide then it cannot influence the perfect golf swing can it except for guidance. I said we are going to use the over lap grip just like in the regular golf swing. NOT! Getting back to the right hand vee between the two palm pads, you are to grab the club and place your right hand vee over the thumb on your left hand. Not to crazy right! But you will take the last two fingers on the right hand and place them over the top of the first two fingers on your left hand.

Now that is different. Only the beginning. Take your thumb and fore finger or index finger and wrap them around the shaft or grip of the club and squeeze them together without touching the shaft or grip. That is thumb pad to index finger pad. The second finger just kind of hangs around without doing much. I am sure you will rest it on the shaft or grip on the shaft.

Yes, I call this the perfect golf swing grip. When you think about it and analyze it you will find that it makes perfect sense. Now you see why I carry a club around with me to practice the grip.

I have tried to provide good details about the grip for my perfect golf swing but I probably just confused the heck out of you. I guess it would be better to see the grip in action but the only way to do that is to buy the DVD’s. I have kept this a secret so far and it is almost time to reveal who’s perfect golf swing this belongs to but I am going to make you wait one more week.

With this post I have only revealed the grip and that is only the beginning as the stance is different, the swing is different, the follow through is different but the ball goes down the middle straight or with a slight draw. How great is that. And that is what I experienced this week with my new swing. I parred five holes, bogied three holes and double bogied one hole. I used my driver seven times and hit five straight great drives down the middle or slightly right as I didn’t know if I was going to draw or go straight. Every drive but one was straight.

I was on in regulation four times. Not so great second shots. most were straight but short and very high. I hit my wedge 90 yards straight out but 110 yards straight up into the sky. As well as my nine and eight irons. Need to work on these irons.

BUT, the shots felt great and it felt like I knew what I was doing. It felt like I had the perfect golf swing.

In the meantime, I still think that most of you hacks would be better served by getting the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt. This swing would be the perfect golf swing for most people as it is simple, easy to learn and easy to use. You could be 7 strokes better in the first three weeks and be in the 80’s very easily or as we say in the low 40’s if you use it and practice it in your golf league before the end of the season.

For most golfers, the Simple Golf Swing is the best. If you want to learn more about the simple golf swing and sign up for my newsletter please click here

See ya next week with more perfect golf swing insight.


Lou M.

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