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Put The Perfect Golf Swing to the Test

The Perfect Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing tested

Yesterday was the idea test day for the perfect golf swing. It was tested in two different venues and came through with flying colors. How to swing in golf using the perfect golf swing was a lot of fun but I was exhausted when the day was over.

Yesterday I began the day at a golf outing that was to provide money for the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. A very worthy cause and as a result there was a lot of money provided to that association by those that attended. They held silent auctions, 50/50 raffle, closet to the pin attempt and get it in the circle contest on a par three. There were other ways for them to make money but it is not necessary to go on.

Then after dinner I went 20 miles across town, in rush hour traffic, to my golf league and played another 9 holes while it rained off and on. I will have more about the whole day in further writing in this post on the blog. But needless to say, the perfect golf swing worked really well. It is not perfect yet but it is getting closer.

The perfect golf swing at the outing

My perfect golf swing at the outing was absolutely great. The outing was the typical four “man” team playing best ball. Again for you that don’t get out very much a best ball is exactly what it sounds like. All four members of the team tee off as normal. They look at all four drives and determine which is the best drive. What determines the best drive. If it is the longest hit ball in the fairway or near rough.

When the best drive is determined, then all three of the other balls are picked up and then taken to the best ball location where all members of the team hit their ball, one by one. If it is a par four, you are probably shooting for the green. After all four members have hit they then must determine which hit was the best. Hopefully, all four landed on the green and you would pick the one closest to the hole that could be made as a birdie or easy par.

While putting, all four members put from the same location which is usually marked by a marker of some kind, like a coin. Each person putts and if all miss then you go to the ball that is closest to try the second putt with all four members trying to make it. As soon as one is put into the hole the hole is finished and the score is counted.

It is the same for all holes and usually the best score for 18 holes is between 8 and 12 below par. The winning team had minus nine. My team ended with the perfect golf swing score of five under par, a distant fourth place but they only paid first place.

How the teams were picked to get the perfect golf swing scores

When a person looks for people to play on the team they usually try to find the very best players with perfect golf swings or they try to find friends to join them or just looking for people that want to attend and help the cause. In many instances you will get very good golfers that can help you get to the lowest possible score and win. In this instance it was that way but the team donated their winnings to to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Also in many instances the team has two, three or four players that do not play very much or at all. My team had two of us that were pretty good and two that hardly get to play. There was one team though that had three women and one guy that had hardly ever or never had played before. They played the round in over 5 1/2 hours and held up dinner for the rest of us. So that is what you run into when you go to these outings.

Most of us finished in 4 1/2 hours but there were about six groups directly behind them that could not escape the long duration of waiting on the course for every attempt to take a shot. How terrible it is to be involved in such a thing. I love golf but I hate playing 9 holes in more that 2 1/2 hours or 18 holes in more that 5 hours. There is no fun to that when you have to wait like that.

So what happened to my perfect golf swing group

My perfect golf swing group was not the hot shots like other so for us to come out with a minus number was great and to be at minus 5 was very special.

My drive was used on 14 of the 18 holes we played. That is because I was driving almost perfectly. I was the longest and the straightest. A couple of times I got sloppy and was not the best but my team made up for it. I was suppose to be the good shot and place the ball in play so that the big hitter could swing away and get us in better shape for the next shot. But two things occurred, one, I was hitting the ball great and two he was not.

He finally got going on the last four holes but I still got him on two of them. I was putting terribly and you need to have good putters so my team picked us up by putting very well. We ended up with six birdies and one bogie for minus 5.

The perfect golf swing at my league

Obviously, playing with my perfect golf swing requires a lot of concentration so I was pretty tired after playing my first 18 hole round of the year, especially in 85 degree temperature but I wanted to play in my league too, so away I went.

Because this is getting long again I will just let you know that I played fairly well and we played to a 41. My poor putting continued and I am going to have to do some practice. But my good swing continued and it feels great to have this perfect golf swing. I have this great high arc and a great shot and using a golf swing speed of about 80% of full swing I don’t normally get the huge distance I used to have but I am in play and my usual shot to the green is about 140 to 160 yards which I can handle.

So, my perfect golf swing continues even though I am not using all parts of the golf swing that is recommended by the pro that has introduced me to his version of the simple golf swing. I just love my swing and the results are wonderful.

So let me tell you about my perfect golf swing next post. That will be on Friday after my league on Thursdays. In the meantime keep on practicing and get better. The perfect golf swing only exists for you.

See ya Friday.

Lou M.

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