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Get the Perfect Golf Swing Now

The Perfect golf swing.

Get your perfect golf swing now

Last week I went through the series of positions to get the perfect golf swing for varying situations. These all included three different golf stances as well as three various golf swings and three golf ball locations, When each is tried in combination with the others you get 27 different golf swings.

If each is practiced and used for various situations you can just about name your golf swing. When you can predict where the ball is going to go based on your perfect golf swing then you have mastered the game.

The weather helps with the perfect golf swing

The weather has been summer like and I know a lot of golfers have taken advantage of this great weather to get out on the golf course earlier then normal and practice the perfect golf swing. Last week after having written my post I got so inspired I went to the golf driving range. It was so nice that I was able to get the last practice tee otherwise I would have had to wait.

I was disappointed with my golf swing and only practiced with a small bucket of balls. But came yesterday. It was even warmer and I was determined to make sure that my perfect golf swing was back.

I had been watching the videos from the various instructors I have purchased tutorials from and then went out to my garage and swung the club. I think I got my grove on as they used to say. So I was completed estatic over the way I hit the balls. I have been trying to remember which one of the instructors indicated that you will not hit a perfect shot with every golf swing so it is better to practice the swing a couple of time before trying to hit the ball. So that was what I did.

By the way this may be the perfect time to tell you about the great sale that is going on right now with Bobby Wilson the long ball champion. I want you to know that I will not make any money from this but it is such a great deal I had to pass it on.

He has a half off sale going on right now. You can pick up his three DVD foundation series  at $33.50 + shipping and handling of the physical series of three DVD’s or you can get the three DVD digital series that you can download within minutes for $28.50. You will not find a better deal anywhere. Remember, this series is for you guys that are in good physical shape and already shoot in the low 90’s or 80’s and want to get better.

I told you I was going back to the Simple golf swing but I changed my mind and am using a combination of the Simple Golf Swing and the Bobby Wilson foundation series to get ready for my perfect golf swing. I expect to be playing in the high 70’s to low 80’s so I qualify for the DVD’s.

So to get the series click here for direct access and good luck with the perfect golf swing.

Back to the perfect golf swing

To work on the perfect golf swing, I went to the driving range yesterday with my wife and we got a large bucket of golf balls. MY wife took a third and that left me with the rest, about 50 golf balls. I took a lot of practice swing before and after hitting golf balls and was particularly proud of my efforts.

The balls were going straight and towards my target. I appeared to hit the ball solidly and got the  woofing noise I wanted to hear with a nice crisp golf swing. My hands were a little sore even though I have been swinging the golf club for most of the winter. But I practiced, hit good shots and not so good shots but was able to correct and hit a good shot right after the not so good shot.

My golf swing was as close to the perfect golf swing as I will ever be. I really enjoyed myself.

So what is next for the perfect golf swing

I know that we are all ready to hit that perfect golf swing right now but You are not ready. How do I know? You have not given me any feed back about what I have been telling you all winter which means you have not tried any of my golf swings or practiced putting or practiced chip shots or anything else that will help you to be a better golfer. You have not purchased the Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt, the golf swing guru which I do make commissions on, which I have not so it appears if you are reading my posts you are not following my directions.

I have spend many hundreds of dollars and spent many hundreds of hours practicing and trying out the various tutorials to get the perfect golf swing and have given you information about how easy or hard the instructions are and you have provided no feed back about my info. So if you are reading these post, that is all you are doing is reading and not doing.

Therefore, I have to assume that you enjoy your weekly struggles on the golf course and enjoy having people laugh at you or feel sorry for you and your pathetic golf swing. So, I would recommend that you just continue to read and continue to do nothing. While I am getting better, you are not. I am going to be one of the guys that you would not like to play as I will whip your butt on the golf course and make you look even worse then you are.

Look, I am sorry for getting on this rant about me being neglected while I spend all this time and money trying to find the right instructor and method to get your perfect golf swing for your situation.

I’ve decided I am going to put together a little booklet about all of the tutorials I have purchased and what it has cost me and what my recommendations are for each of these tutorials. It will not cost you a penny but you will also sign up for my newsletter where I will provide more detailed info about the perfect golf swing.

Today I gave you info about Bobby Wilson’s Foundation Series at a great price. I make no money off of it but it is such a great deal I had to tell you. I also told you about the Simple Golf Swing which I do make a commission off of if you buy but if you don’t like it or Bobby Wilson’s tutorials you can get your money back. Personally I have never asked for my money back because I learn something from every one of these videos series and incorporate parts of them into my golf swings.

Your situation may be different and you cannot afford to give up your money so easily. I understand.  So don’t worry about me or my feelings, just do what is right for you. I just feel like getting some compensation from my efforts. I have many to choose from so why the  Simple Golf Swing. I have chosen the Simple Golf Swing as it is the best for most hackers to get them from shooting in the hundreds to the 90’s or better. It is cheap and it works. You just can’t ask for anything more. Try it, you’ll like it. Mikey did and so did my wife and I.

See ya next week.

Lou M.

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