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Perfect Golf Swing for the Start of the Season

The perfect golf swing for the start of the season – Perfect golf swing

Perfect golf swing beginning

Time to show the perfect golf swing. The season is about to begin but many golfers have been out multiple times already as a result of the great weather. There has been many records set this winter and spring and I was told that Al Gore was smiling from ear to ear.

Tell me are you ready to hit the links or have you already. I have been to the driving range twice and played nine holes with my wife. I started out at the course pulling my drives. When I stopped to figure out what I was doing wrong I was able to correct and played the last seven holes almost perfectly.

The greens were a little long and it was hard to get up to the hole and I three putted two greens. But the perfect golf swing was right there. I enjoyed golfing this spring. I am torn as to whether I should golf in two or three leagues. I think my wife is going to want to play a lot so I will probably only golf in two leagues. Still unknown but the perfect golf swing is very close.

Ran into a golfing buddy on my Monday night league just a few minutes ago and he told me all about his attempt to get better this off season. He took lessons from our local pro at a local community college and got 6 sessions for $45. Two dollars less than the Simple Golf Swing tutorial that you can keep forever. Although I must admit, some people have to be shown what to do and have trouble picking it up for themselves and not everyone can get these types of lessons at a community college for $45. So it is a mixed bag to try and get the perfect golf swing.

What needs to be done to get the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing does not exist. Your perfect golf swing for you does exist for a point in time. Sometimes you swing perfectly and other times you just hack away. The more you play the better you get so the swing gets better not perfect.

Lets try to remind you why the Simple Golf Swing is the best you can get. I am going to put together a video of my attempt to find the best teacher for the perfect golf swing. I need to get some software to help me put it together. I know we have free software on the windows program for the desktop PC and Laptops and I may use that but it requires that I use software for the voice to blend together.

We shall see but this is all about the perfect golf swing for us hackers.

The perfect golf swing for hackers

The perfect golf swing or really the best golf swing for us hackers is the Simple Golf Swing and over 2.2 Millions golfers/hackers agree. What is the primary reason for using it is the fact that it a simpler way to swing the golf club. The back swing is shorter and simpler. You bring it back too a point where your left arm is parallel to the ground. You have not moved the club off line and when you bring it back through it returns to the same point you started from, the ball.

Therefore you hit the ball square and it goes straight down the middle. You are not quite as far as you would normally be but you are probably 50 to 80 yards closer to the middle of the fairway or even the green. That is the key to the simple golf swing, you have shorten your golf swing so that it is in control and you hit the ball square with consistency and accuracy.

Even your second and third shots are more accurate so that you will be on or very near the green in regulation. This should improve you game a great deal. Then it is a matter of learning how to chip and putt for better scores. This is what the perfect golf swing is all about, getting good golf scores.

Why do you want the perfect golf swing

Do you really want the perfect golf swing or do you do want the good golf swing for better scores and to stop getting frustrated with your game. Are you also tired of being the butt of your fellow golfers jokes. Do they wish you would go away because it brings them down watching you hack away like crazy.

That is what the Simple Golf Swing will do for you. Make you look better swinging the golf club and having you ball sail straight down the middle. Yes you may be a few yards short of your buddies but you are in the middle of the fairway and they are not. You are not away because they are further away and in the rough and they will have a longer shot then you. All things become better when you are straight and in the middle.

Who needs the perfect golf swing, not you. What you have now is the perfectly good golf swing.

What is there to learn for the perfect golf swing

Who cares what it takes to have the perfect golf swing as you will never have it but with the simple golf swing you will play better and have more fun.

Give the Simple Golf Swing a try and if it is not for you then you can get your money back with no questions but I would be surprised if you did not like it as you will be scoring much better after then before. And it will only take you three weeks at the most to perfect the Simple Golf Swing.

I must tell you I will get a finders fee for having you buy the product but I deserve it with all the money I have spent over the last two years trying to find that golf swing for you. It is not the perfect golf swing but it will be the best for you. You will not be ashamed to play with your buddies and they will be surprised with your great new game.

Good luck and have fun.

Thanks and see ya next week.

Lou M.

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