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The Perfect Golf Swing is Nearly Here

The Perfect golf swing – The perfect golf swing is nearly here!

The perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing does not exist. There I’ve said it!

I have spent countless hours trying to track down the elusive perfect golf swing only to find the very good golf swing presented by many individual golf swing instructors.

You name the instructor and his version of the perfect golf swing and I will tell you that they are presenting their version of the very good golf swing for them and they want to teach it to you. Why do I say that they are not presenting the perfect golf swing because the next guy has his version and he plays just fine thank you and teaches his method to hundreds of golfers every year.

You see, they have found a way to swing the golf club that enables them to score well on most of the golf courses they play. Some teach their method as the pro of a private country club. Some are even pro golfers for the long driving championships or are PGA professionals. But the truth of the matter is that they do not have a simple golf swing that you and I can master and repeat and remember except one.

In all honesty though I can say that even this one is not the perfect golf swing but a pretty darn good golf swing.

The almost perfect golf swing

The almost perfect golf swing calls itself the simple golf swing. It is a swing designed for the masses that will help you score better by keeping the ball in play.The distance driven is about 85% of the longest hitter you know but the ball is almost always in play.

When the big guy hits his drive in your group of players, that drive may be about 260 yards and he may use an 8 iron for 150 yards. But with the simple golf swing you will only hit a drive about 220 yards and need a 7 iron or maybe even a 6 iron to hit 150 yards.

So what is wrong with that? Will you be able to score better? You bet!

If you are now in the fairway most of the time and your ball is in play almost all of the time what would keep you from bettering your scores by 10 to 15 or even 20 strokes. Instead of shooting in the 100’s you should be able to shoot in the 80’s. Or if you are in a golf league and play your rounds 9 holes at a time, you could shoot in the low or middle 40’s. Is that the perfect golf swing, heck no but it is a pretty good golf swing.

I personally play in the low to mid 40’s and I am better than 90% of the golfers I play with. Last year I played in three golf leagues to start and shortly there after just two but of the approximately 100 guys I played golf with I was better then 90 of them. And I can tell you that if I had the perfect golf swing to hand to them all but maybe one would take it and use it. That is how much they dislike what they do on the golf course.

The perfect golf swing is now the simple golf swing

Lets just assume that the perfect golf swing is now the simple and easy to use golf swing that even you can learn. Lookit, when you and I are shooting 52 or 56 for 9 holes we are an embarassment to ourselves. Others would prefer not to play with us unless we have some good stories to tell.

We dread going to the golf course but we do because some of our best friends are playing in the league. So here is your chance to become a better golfer. You will never hit the golf ball more than 220 yards unless it is all downhill for 300 yards and we will never use an 8 iron for 150 yards unless we are 200 feet above the hole so why even try. Just resist the urge to swing away and swing within your self.

You can spend hundreds of dollars like I did or you can learn from the one who spent those hundreds of dollars and is even still spending more money to see if there is still a better way to do it. I just spent $47 and $7 to look at two more how to play perfect golf to see if they are better. That was just in the last week.

I guess you could say I am obsessed about finding the perfect golf swing but I think I am going to settle for the very good golf swing that is simple and easy to use.

The perfect golf swing is the simplist.

In my quest for the holy perfect golf swing, I have not even found just one that is the very best. I can in all honesty say that the Simple Golf Swing from the golf swing guru David Nevogt is the best. He has sold his book with videos to over 2 million golfers all over the world.

The simple golf swing is the simplist and easiest to use and is repeatable. You could learn it now in three weeks without playing a round of golf and be ready for the season to start in three months. If there were anything better out there I would tell you but there is not (see wikipedia).

I am using the simple golf swing and have mixed in some things from other instructors to try and get as close to the perfect golf swing as I can. There are a wide variety of things that I do differently then the simple golf swing to acheive the nearly perfect golf swing for me.

If you deside to buy the Simple Golf Swing through my links and yea I will get some money from them for recommending you to them. Kind of like your local stores do for selling you merchandise from other product suppliers. Except I have used this one and many others and I am providing you with up close and personal information about my experience using these products.

Anyway, if you buy from me I will provide you with details about other golf swing professionals and what I find specific about their golf swing to try and make yours the perfect golf swing for you. Wouldn’t you love to start out the season with a round of 42 for the first night and surprise your friends?

You bet you would. I know I plan on doing that. I ended last season with and average score of 43 for the last six rounds so I am not going to surprise to many people but you can and you should. The investment is small compared to going to a golf pro in person and you will have it for the rest of your life so that you can refer back when you develop those bad habits that we all do. You will have the perfect golf swing for you and have a reference to keep it.

See ya next time. Hopefully I will have good news about my driver and three metal. If you are wondering what I am talking about then you are not a regular and need to go back in time to read some of my other posts from back when. There is helpful information if you got a new golf bag for Christmas and how to prevent breaking your driver.

Anyway, see ya next post.

Lou M.

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