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Another Step Towards My Perfect Golf Swing

Perfect Golf Swing – The perfect golf swing is nearer

Another step towards my perfect golf swing

I have taken another step towards how to swing in golf to get the perfect golf swing. I went to have my swing analyzed last night with my perfect driver with the incorrect shaft on it. I had complained for the rest of the season last year when I broke my driver’s shaft due to an accident on the golf course and it was replace without any attempt to match the shaft to my swing.

See my various posts after August of 2011 (August 18th to be exact).

Well, a friend of mine went to the same chain golf store and while he was getting something for himself, he complained to the store manage about my situation and how he was embarrassed by their lack of professionalism while selecting a new shaft for my broken one.

The store manage told him to tell me to bring the club back and they would fix it up for me. So he sent me an email about getting closer to my perfect golf swing with a new shaft for my driver.

I went to get my perfect golf swing driver

So about four weeks later, I finally had an opportunity to go to the store and see about my club. I was taken to the area where they have a machine set up to evaluate my swing. I had not used my club for a few weeks and was very rusty. MY excuse all ready.

My swing was all over the place. I was between 94 and 98 mph and the balls were going left, right and down the middle around 240 to 260 yards. He said “Hmmmm”.

He brought another club for me to try and it was about the same. He thought it might be better as it was a stiffer shaft. Then he brought another club with a different type of shaft with more torque and that was better but still not quite right.

I finally said, “well, I guess I am not going to hit the drives I used to hit. In my prime I could hit 113 mph golf swing but it looks as though I will not any more”. Then, all of a sudden, you could see the light bulb go on in his head. He went and got another shaft and said how about this one?

This one has a little more whip at the bottom of the swing but will keep the ball on line. Do you think it will help my drives, I said and he said yes. Well hells bells, I am all in. I am one step closer to the perfect golf swing with my driver.

What he said about the perfect golf swing

The store manager indicated that they would like to fix the club and make the perfect golf swing right for me, so he said that they would change the shaft, put on a new grip and there would be no charge.

That made me happier then all get out and I gladly filled out the claim check for the repair of my club. So the club would be ready by Thursday and I could pick it up then. I feel much better about this shaft and I hope it will help.

But I also realized that I needed to get practicing again and try to get the perfect golf swing for me. I am in need of some changes and I think I can figure out what I need to get my perfect golf swing.

To show you the perfect golf swing

I have been going through videos on YouTube to find the perfect golf swing videos for you. I remembered seeing a bunch of videos that would help the rhythm and tempo for your golf swing.

This one video in particular was done by Shawn Clement, the number one golf swing instructor on the Internet, so he claims. Anyway, I have decided to not just put it on my things to give you as part of my membership and newsletter that you have signed up for so I will place it right here. Right NOW!

Shawn Clement’s video about rhythm and tempo

So I hope you enjoyed that video.

It is so important to work on tempo and rhythm too but we all seem to neglect it and maybe it is because we don’t know how to practice it. You should have a metronome to get the right tempo. It takes practice and hard work but once you get it right it helps a lot to getting your perfect golf swing.

 The Video Shows the perfect golf swing

I hope you enjoyed that rhythm and tempo video to get your perfect golf swing. It is vitally important that you practice this method of keeping in balance and to swing with the right tempo and rhythm. If you would like to learn more about the perfect golf swing for you, please sign up for my newsletter and I will send you lots of info and videos that I have been researching all over the Internet for you.

I have not found the perfect golf swing for me yet but I am working very hard to make my swing better and my attempt is to help you by supplying various resources so that you can find something that clicks with you and it is easy to work on. By the way, to help you with your golf etiquette I have provided this article from

I still believe the simple golf swing is the best for the golfer like you who just plays about 30 times a season and wants to score in the mid to low 40’s for nine holes. There are still some things that are lacking but I have found the things that fill in the void for other parts of the swing that will help make me have the perfect golf swing and maybe for you also.

So please get the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt, the golf swing guru. It will help you get ready for the new season and scoring in the mid 40’s right out of the chute. That’s what I would call the perfect golf swing for me and you.

I will include some videos and hints and tips that will complete all the areas of your perfect golf swing.

See ya next week,

Lou M.

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