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How to Swing in Golf For Great Golf Scores

How to swing in golf – How to swing in golf for great golf scores


How to swing in golf

Is the golf score important or is how to swing in golf to hit the  ball a long way and getting a terrible score the most important thing? I would prefer to hit the ball short and beat my buddies with the golf score.

I say this with a great deal of experience. I used to hit the ball 300 plus yards with my driver and was a four handicap for 18 holes but then the sky fell and I was hitting the ball long still but it was going left or right or who knows into the woods or into the next fairway. I was or had become a hack.

Well I changed my golf swing and discovered how to swing in golf but I was not hitting the ball as far but I was scoring very well. I was shooting scores in the low 40’s for nine and the mid 80’s for 18 and that was a lot more fun.

Yeah, I still wish I could hit the ball long but I am using other clubs I haven’t used much before. And, they work just fine.

How to swing in golf with course management

I discovered how to swing in golf with a short swing that gave me more control but less distance. Then I learned how to do course management. Course management is hitting to your strengths. For an example; suppose you hit drives that are about 240 yards and there are a couple of par threes on the courses you play that are about 150 yards.

When you play those par threes with the seven iron you always seem to land on the middle of the green. So you can say you like hitting 150 yards to the green. Many of the par 4’s you play are just shy of 400 yards from the tee box to the middle of the green.

You have established that you hit your drives about 240 yards and your favorite green shot is 150 yards. If you put those two shots together you would play any hole in 390 yards. If the hole is 397 yards to the middle and the greens are about 15 yards from front to back then you could safely land on the green with those two shot. That is how to swing in golf to manage the course.

How to swing in golf for par 5’s

Then you want to learn how to swing in golf for scoring on par 5’s. You have to reverse engineer the hole. You want to be able to land on a 540 yard par 5 in two but you don’t have the ability to do that so what is the next choice? You know you hit the driver about 240 yards and you hit the three metal about 220 yards. That gives you 460 yards and leaves a shot of 80 yards.

You have tried various clubs to use for short pitches but just don’t have the consistency. You will hit the wedges anywhere from 40 to 100 yards but never 80 on purpose. SO what to do?

Do it the other way. Drive 240, 7 iron 150 with the two you have 390 and that leaves you with 150 yards in between. What a minute, thats another 7 iron. That’s right, you can hit a drive and two seven irons to be in the middle of the green. Guess what you two put and you have a five or par whatever you want to call it.

In the mean time your buddies are struggling. They have hit drives of 260 or 280 but are in the rough or in the woods or even maybe in the fairway. One guy has to chip out backwards, another has to use his hybrid to get out of the rough and the other chooses to swing for the fences to land on the green with his three metal (a 260 yard shot).

Your in the middle and hit first and they laugh at your choice of clubs. You hit the 7 iron perfectly and land exactly where you want. The others have tough shots and each screws them up. They all shot next while you wait in the middle about 150 away. One has to shoot a third time and is still not on the green as a matter of fact none of them are on in three.

All chip on for fours and two putt for a six.  One three putts for a seven. You in the meantime have hit your second seven iron and land on the green safely. You two putt and get a par five. That is how to swing in golf on par fives with course management.

How to swing in golf for great scores

So now you know how to swing in golf for great scores.You manage the golf course and play within your abilities and you play to your strengths.

I am doing the same with these blog posts. The new look is to try and get more people to my blog. Since I have begun using this process, I have been landing the number one spot in Google using a keyword that has over 100 million pages with those words on them.

I know it looks a little hokey but it works and I have been getting more readers to help them with their golf swings. I just have to learn how to write using this format so that you don’t get bored or mad about my format. If you are one of the early readers you will know that I never used to write anything that was over 400 or 500 words. Now I must write at least 1,ooo words.

With this format and using this keyword, how to swing in golf, I will continue to land in the number one spot of Google and hopefully on Bing and Yahoo.

So for a wrap up. Instead of just getting up there and swinging away with the longest club you have to get as close as you can, you have learned that the best way to get great golf scores is to use the club between your ears to manage your shots.

The last thing I want to remind you is that you are playing a par three on every hole on the golf course. Say WHAT! Whether it is a par three, four or five you are hitting an iron into the green and two putting, a par three. Think about it.

So in order to learn how to swing in golf, you must use that club between your ears to have the best scores.

See ya next time,

Lou M.

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