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How to Swing in Golf per the Golf Channel

How to swing in golf – Did You see How to swing in golf on the golf channel?

If you did you were probably more confused after then you were before. The only thing I got that was common among all of the players was that they needed to get their hips moving and out of the way during the golf swing.

Even a simple thing like chipping was completely different among all of the pros.

So if there was ever anything that you could learn from these guys was that there is no such thing as the perfect golf swing. Each pro has perfected his swing to be the best for him/her and that there was no hard and fast rule about anything in the golf swing.

Well there was one thing I heard that made me think. When they play in pro-am’s they could see most of the amatures using arms only. They generated no club head speed using there legs. Their lower body was quite still and the swing was made worse when they tried to get a long drive or shot out into the fairway using arms only.

Does that sound like anyone you know?

Now that I have seen six instructors online and six or seven pros on the Golf Channel, I have found only two that where the same and all of the others were completely different.

I have changed my swing four times over this last season due to finding someone who did things differently and more to my taste. Part of that is due to memory lapses. As I find another instruction pro and he describes his swing it brings back memories of things I used to do in my past when I was a good golfer.

One thing for certain, I was never able to get a golf swing going that was easy to repeat so that I did not have to concentrate so much for each swing. I don’t use “the simple golf swing” which is suppose to be repeatable and easy to use as I feel that my swing is more dynamic then that swing.

I will teach my wife that swing as she is very basic with her current swing and needs to get to be more advanced and easily repeatable. So you have a choice, you can opt for a simple and easily repeatable golf swing or you can learn how to swing in golf with a proper golf swing that will make you superior to all of your friends.

Personally I think it depends on your age and abilities and I guess your desires.

I would think you need to answer these questions;

1). Do you want to be a zero handicap or just better then your friends?

2). Do you want to learn a complex swing that needs practice all of the time or a simple swing that is repeatable


3). Do you want the perfect golf swing or the simple golf swing?

4). How good do you want to be chipping and putting?

5). How good do you want to be with your irons around the green with approach shots?

6). Just what are your goals?

So you see, you need to make a choice. If you want to be a zero handicap then there is practice required and a more complex golf swing that will help you hit the ball long and straight. If you want to be steady Eddie with a swing that will put you down the middle but certainly not the longest with much better scores then you can get by with the simple golf swing.

The choice is up to you. I have spent a lot of money and time going through many teaching professionals to learn what I feel is the perfect golf swing for me. I am going to spend the winter perfecting that golf swing so that I can be ready when the season starts and not be trying to learn another golf swing from someone else.

I now know that every instructor you will find will have a different way of teaching you how to swing in golf. You can try to learn from him or keep on jumping around trying to find the perfect golf swing for you.

If you said no or selected the later to the former on most of those questions then the simple golf swing is best for you and you will learn in a short period of time. If you said yes to most of those questions then you need a golf pro that will help you swing as well as practice with his many videos. Then I will give you two for your selection and that would be Paul Wilson on the revolution golf web site or Bobby Wilson as part of performaxgolf web site.

I see that each has their own website now so I am not sure what they are doing. I am going to email them today and hopefully I will have information about both of them on the next post which will be next week.

I know that I use revolution golf for my products from Paul and I use performaxgolf for Bobby’s products I am using. You could go to youtube and look at videos about all three if you need more help but these are the three I would recommend.

So see ya next week.


Lou M.

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