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Learn How To Swing In Golf To Get Better Drives

I want you to learn how to swing in golf to get better drives by changing your driver.

I state your driver must change but maybe it is just a matter of changing your driver’s shaft may be all that is required.

There are too many things wrong with golf clubs now a days to be able to just go out and buy a driver off the shelf. I told you last week that I went to a golf store and tried four different drivers to see which one would be right for me.

There was no golf yesterday for me due to winds and rain. Today looks like a good day to try golfing as it is to be about 60 degrees and sunnier with winds in the 10 to 20 range. A little high but I think we will be able to play today and maybe even tomorrow at about 50 degrees.

Anyway back to selecting a driver or even your irons or metal “woods” or hybrids. After hitting the four drivers I really liked the Cleveland 280 driver. It was just the feel. I could not tell if it went further or the same or worse but it felt good.

This AM I went online to watch a video with my favorite club builder. His name is Bronson Wright and he is featured on the Revolution Golf web site with Paul Wilson. He is my favorite guy to go to to get info about club building. Of course he wants every one to have custom made clubs but it is not possible for all of us to spend that kind of money which is why I mentioned that I was able to hit four different drivers at a golf store.

I mention that as it is not possible for all golf stores to have a driving range. At best they may have a room where they can have your golf swing analyzed and recommendations can be given. But even that cannot be taken into considerations at many golf stores as they do not have the room or the money to have a golf swing analyzer trained and proficient enough to check your golf swing or the equipment to help that analysis.

So what they do is have a rack full of clubs for $399, tell you that they have a great sale with trade in’s and a $100 off which will probably take your price down to $250. If it is not you, then how many of your friends have two, three or even more drivers in their basement. They tried the latest thing and found it lacking only to try the next latest thing and found it lacking and so on.

Well, my favorite golf club builder was talking about spin rates. I really understand what he is talking about with this subject. I hit the ball really high and when it lands it bounces back like a wedge to the green. In some instances I have had a ball bounce back by as much as four feet on a good drive.

You are probably wondering how I know as I don’t normally see my ball bounce or even land most of the time. When I get to my ball I look around for a ball divot close to my ball and approximate where my ball ended up compared to where that divot is located. That is even money bet that the divot is mine as there are normally no other divots near my ball.

So, to continue with Bronson, he was working with Paul Wilson and his drives using his driver. Paul was using an R9 driver and said that he has a lot of spin on his club. Bronson had him hit a drive and measured the spin rate at above 3,500 rpm’s. He go out a driver very similar to Paul’s with a different type of shaft and he hit another drive.

The spin rate on this second drive from Paul was around 2,500 rpm’s. This is the optimum spin rate you should have with the driver. I am pretty sure that my spin rate is near or above 4,000 rpm’s. Anyway, they found that Paul’s drive had a lower trajectory and bounced more and he got over 20 yards more distance with about the same swing.

Now a low trajectory is not the desired result that they wanted. It has been determined that the pros want high arcs with more hang time to travel further distances and still get some roll out of the ball.

But the result is still that the ball traveled further with 1,000 rpm’s less.

So, the lesson learned is that you can get more drive for you buck if you have a good club builder fit you with the proper parts for your golf swing even if you have the perfect golf swing for you. The variation in equipment will vary your distance, accuracy and consistency with every shot and no amount of training will help you.

So, save up your money this winter and get a new driver built specifically for you by your trusted pro. Tell your family to give you cash so that you can get the club you want. Then you can learn how to swing in golf with the perfect golf swing and the perfect golf club for you.

Tomorrow, I will discuss my golf game as I am going golfing in about an hour and if time permits I will discuss the belly putter which is becoming the newest craze.

See ya tomorrow.

Lou M.

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