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How to Swing in Golf By Yourself

I did get to play yesterday but it was by myself and that is how I learned how to swing in golf by myself.

The Temperature was 46 degrees, the sun was shining and there was a nice breeze of 5 to 15 mph. But no one showed from my group. The clerk, who is the manager of the place said to me that if I decided to play there would be an additional discount. That would make the total to play 18 at $15 or $0.83 per hole.

Well, I went there to play so what the heck and I think it warmed up to 49 degrees. I paid my money and got a fully enclosed cart and away I went. I shot a 43 – 43 for 86. Pretty darn good if I do say so myself. I played the 18 in about 2 hours and 10 minutes even using the 90 degree rule with the cart as the course was pretty wet.

I started off pretty rocky but after the first four holes I settled down ans started to play par golf. Then when I made the turn, it was like I did not know how to play. Of course I was concentrating on eating my hot dog and after putting mustard and ketchup on it I forgot to get a napkin. My golf swing was non-existent so I struggle for the very first hole and ended two over for the hole.

On the back, I had one 6, five 5’s, two 4’s and a 3. Hey wait a minute, that’s a 42, better yet. That’s 85!

The big difference for me was the proper grip. Once I started doing what I was suppose to do, the game came right around. It is essential, for me, to do the neutral grip with both hands. I have a tendency to get a little lazy with my right hand in my desire to have a loose grip. When I grip the club properly my golf swing is almost the perfect golf swing.

That is how to swing in golf when you play by your self.

It was, as most rounds are, a practice round. Surely the last round on Wednesday for me. There may be other rounds if it gets into the 60’s or higher for my wife and I but this was the last as it appears the guys have given up. After all it was only in the 40’s and I was playing with a load of clothes on as I layered my clothes so I would be warm. This restricted my golf swing to a large extent but it appears that was good as I played well.

So I can now make space in my garage for my winter tour. I am going to use the score cards from the three courses I play the most. That is because I am so familiar with these courses, I know just about where I am positioned after every shot. I will then play like I am on the course and shoot shots like I am using a ball.

That reminds me, on the first par five it is a long 505 yards. I say long as the drive is straight uphill. The elevation change is about 80 feet. Anyway, I hit a fairly good drive. I hit a great second shot which was my three metal and when I went looking for my ball, it was right down in front, about 8 feet short of the green.

That was great, I have only done that one other time using my shots. So it was a great experience on this cold and breezy day.

I am thinking about getting the “Optishot”. It is a shot analyzer tool for the home or business that will show your shot in arc, distance and direction for a particular golf course in their software. I have not priced it but I am guessing it is fairly pricey. That may be for another year.

So, as the season is winding down or wound down, I am going to reduce my posts to two a week and as the holidays get closer I will probably only post once per week with hints and tips. I will also let you know what my winter tour is doing in my garage. I expect I will get a lot of pars with this action.

Oh, I just remembered, next week is Thanksgiving week so I will publish only one post on Tuesday unless I tell you about something else I have learned about. So have a great end of week and I will see you next week.

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