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How to Swing in Golf Balanced

How to swing in golf – For these golf tips, I will be talking about how to swing in golf balanced.

This is the first tip of two golf tips plus information about putting.

For your set up, you have to be balanced. That means that your weight is evenly distributed on both feet. Fifty percent of your weight is on each foot. You are also balanced fore and aft with the weight evenly placed between balls of your feet and your heels.

Do not place the weight directly on your heels nor do you want to be to far forward. The easy way to check that is to do the happy feet dance. When you are setting your feet to the 50/50 position you will raise the toes of your shoes, left to right while you are shifting your weight left to right.

When you are set, try to lift the toes of your feet up and down to make sure the weight is not on your toes. This is called the happy feet dance. It helps keep you in balance and also helps relieve any tension you may have getting ready to hit the golf ball.

The second tip is about your right heal for right handed golfers or your left heal for left handed golfers. It has been noticed by professional trainers that we hacks sometimes or almost every time kick out our right heal for right handed golfers and opposite for lefties when we swing to hit the golf ball.

The move is called the right foot pivot or kick out. It is a noticeable move that our heal does during the downswing and follow though. It is significant enough that you could kick a ball when placed at the outside part of our heal. This results in a poor golf swing and an unbalanced swing which usually results in a missed hit.

We do have weight transfers during various parts of the golf swing but that is something that I have found varies from golf instructor to instructor. I cannot at this point in time give you the best way of doing the golf swing in it’s complete form. I am currently using a combination of things that three golf instructors are teaching.

This may end up OK for me but not for you. So I think I may, over the winter, provide information about all of these teachings and let you decide which is best for you. Even on one website they have three different golf swing instructors that have different methods of teaching. So it is very difficult to find the one that is right for me or you.

That takes care of the balance of your stance at address. You must begin balanced and relaxed. By shifting your weight back and forth and wiggling you club while doing that you can relax your stance and other things. We will get into those specific items at another time.

I don’t remember if I discussed the belly putter in detail last week. I know I mentioned that I was reading about it while having the oil changed and the tires rotated at the dealership. It appears that fast service for that series of things takes about 1.5 hours. So it gave me time to read and visit the sales staff, my sales man and the sales manager whom I bowl with.

Anyway, the author of the article is not in favor of any of these changes that have been occurring. The changes include the big headed clubs, the new one piece golf balls and now the belly putter. This guy must live under a rock. He thinks that these three things will bring about the demise of golf.

I, for one, have just switched over to the large head driver and love it. Do I hit the ball any further? NO! Is the ball more accurate with the big head driver? NO! But it is easier to hit the ball when you don’t play more than twice per week.

I find that the biggest improvement is in the golf balls. They don’t get cut anymore and they travel further. I was hitting drives in excess of 300 yards before trying to become a better golfer but I am using a cheaper ball now because I lose them to much. That may cause me to hit shorter drives because of the inferior balls I am using. Anyway, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

So that takes us to the belly putter. Being used more and more by many of the young guns in golf. You can see at least one of them in almost every foursome. Well maybe in every other foursome you will see a belly putter. But that is pretty common these days for golfers to use the belly putters.

There are a few pros that think the belly putter will help them shave off 3 to 5 strokes which is huge among the pro golfers. So if that is fact then you will see more and more of the pros using these belly putters.

But, there is a transitional stage for learning how to use them as the swing is completely different then the traditional putters. Even the existing putters are different, depending on where the shaft is attached to the blade of the

putter. That location changes the characteristics of the accuracy and distance the ball will travel after being struck.

Oh well, that is enough for today and this week. I have given you some golf tips that will help in how to swing in golf and stay balanced to get the perfect golf swing.

I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food, the company and the football games.

See you next week sometime, probably on Wednesday again.

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Lou M.

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