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How to Swing in Golf When Playing with Friends

Over the past six months, I have been learning how to swing in golf with many different people. Many new acquaintances and some old friends. But yesterday, I got to play golf with a lot of older friends and it was very enjoyable.

This is only the second time I have played 18 holes though and it showed on the last two holes. I just got tired.

I sit here at my computer most of the days and enjoy spurts of nine holes of golf, so to get out and play competitively for 18 holes was pretty tiring. ┬áBut I did shoot an 87 for the 18 holes and was only bested by the best golfer in their league. He shot a 79 and the others all shot in the 90’s.

To say I was great for the 18 would be stretching it but I had moments of glory. I only had one birdie and a bunch of pars but I had a lot of bogies and a couple of double bogies and a triple bogie. I started out swinging like I was suppose to do but somewhere after the first seven holes I lost the rhythm and began swinging for the fences again and got to pushing the ball right.

It wasn’t until the thirteenth hole that I got it back and then I started to poop out around the seventeenth I was just using arms. The last two holes cost me five strokes over par. By the way, the back nine was being aerated and putting was hard.

All in all, I was playing pretty good and was very good compared to many of the other golfers. This is what I had been doing all of this for was to be more competitive then these guys. If I can out play them, then I can out

play most any body.

I knew I would never get back to a 4 handicap but if I could be competitive and score in the low forties for nine holes or in the mid 80’s for 18 holes I would be very happy. I am there but it took a lot of work. I still don’t play enough to have a grooved golf swing but when I do have my stuff together I have an almost perfect golf swing.

I have lost a lot of distance with all of my shots and I will work on that this winter and into the summer to try and get some of that distance back. Even though I have lost distance, I still know how to swing in golf better than most others I play golf with. I am in the top three of all three leagues I have been playing in. That puts me in the top 10% of all of the golfers I know and watching some golfers from other leagues they are a lot worse then the leagues I have been playing in.

I have pretty much achieved my goal of having the perfect golf swing for this summer, so I will have to set a new goal for next year. I believe that will be to have more consistent golf swing and work on getting some of my distance back. If I can do those two things, I will be a very good golfer and probably be in the top 5% with golf swing and golf swing speed which will get me the distance back I lost.

If the weather continues to be good I will be playing on into November. With my wife having the golfing bug, I will probably be playing three or more times per week. I may only play 36 holes of golf but it is better than not playing any at all. I will continue to try and groove the perfect golf swing and get it to be second nature. That will probably have me playing two balls or more per round to practice the golf swing.

So, to learn how to swing in golf perfectly, I will play more to groove the golf swing and not play for golf score. I also plan to get this site to be a little more commercial so that I can get one of the local chains to sponsor me so that I can try out their clubs and report back to you about certain clubs.

So to help me get there, I need more people reading my blog. Please tell your friends about me and get the word out about how much you enjoy this blog. I will continue to report out my progress while playing golf into the winter but when it gets to freezing temperatures and/or snow I will stop playing and only provide golf tips from the many teaching online golf gurus I have signed up with. But that will only be once per week report on my blog.

I have another blog that is on auto pilot with new videos being added daily about golf balls and golf equipment and oddly it is call Currently, there are over 600 blog posts and they have all sorts of info on it about golf balls, golf equipment and golf tips from all over the world. You could spend the entire winter going through all of the posts and come out in the spring with posts you have not seen yet. I have made the link clickable for easy entry to the blog.

Again, I am pushing for you to try the Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt. I push because I think it is the best way for you to learn to be a better golfer in the shortest period of time. And it will be easy to pick up again after a layoff. A short review and you will be back to playing better golf. It is the easiest How to Swing in Golf tutorial.

So, I will see you again next week.

Lou M.

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