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How To Swing In Golf With Your Stance

This post is about how to swing

in golf with your stance.

When I left off yesterday, I had told you about the grip and swing. What I did not talk about was how to address the ball.

I did talk about ball location but not how to stand when addressing the ball. This is another fundamental difference between Paul Wilson and Bobby Wilson. Paul advocates that you stand fairly erect with your knees slightly bent. Face the ball with your chest aimed about 8 feet beyond the ball. Then stick your butt out to provide some additional relaxation for good rotation around your spin.

Bobby disagrees with that and says that he does not want you to stick your butt out. He is more about having a good swing with out any interference. What he wants is to be able to swing his arms without having your legs in the way. So he wants you to stance erect like Paul but do not stick out your butt, instead he want s you to hang your arms loosely so that your arms are relaxed. Then check to see if you can swing your arms without hitting your legs. If you can then you are almost perfect. When you hang your arms make sure that they are in line with your toes. No further out or in but in line with your toes.

That means that when you stand at address, you drop your arms so that they are aligned with your toes and free to swing back and forth with out hitting your legs. That then allows you to have a free golf swing that will enable you to swing back and forth down your flight path of the ball.

I went golfing yesterday with my wife and she was having problems with the ball. I had her line up the balls in the middle of her stance and locate her arms like I just describe. After a miss or two she began hitting the ball with more trajectory height and distance. So to say she was pleased would be an understatement.

I started out the round with a perfect drive and pared the first hole. The second hole I decided I wanted to hit from the back tees and immediately began to over swing. The ball sliced to the right into the pond and lost ball number one. I hit a second drive and it was much better but still was over-swinging. So I slowed down my backswing on the next shot which was a three metal and hit a great shot.

The second shot was down the left side and in the rough but I could not find the ball. After about five minutes I gave up and used another ball. Lost ball number two on the same hole. I was still thinking about my lost golf balls and I chunked two wedge shots. A forgetful hole. From then on I played much better and every drive with my driver was much better.

I shot a 46 with the eight I gave myself on the second hole so I was pretty pleased with the round. I really like this new golf swing. It is very close to the perfect golf swing I have been looking for.

So, I am going to keep this short. The weather looks good enough to play today so I am going out in about an hour to play with the guys. I must remember not to try and kill the ball and try to make a nice controlled golf swing.

I am learning how to swing in golf finally.

Well see ya tomorrow.

Lou M.

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