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Learn How To Swing in Golf To Have a Controlled Draw

Yesterday I learned how to swing in golf to get a controlled draw.

Today I am going to try and implement the draw and see if I can do it.

With the leagues over it is time to just go out and play and have fun. The last time I played was last week and we have had lousy weather since.

I had hoped on getting out yesterday but it rained all day. They were predicting a half an inch of rain but I don’t know what we got but it must have been close to that number.

Luckily, I mowed the lawn over the weekend ( after only 5 days ) or my grass would have been knee high today after all that rain.

Anyway, I got an email and I followed the link to see what they were talking about. It was an instruction about how to hit a draw. This is something that has eluded me my whole life. I can only hit the ball straight. If I draw it or slice/fade the ball I have done something wrong. So I look to fix whatever it was I did wrong.

There has been a couple of instances, back  when I was playing well, that I tried to hit a draw or hook it and it worked. But what I did was completely wrong according to the email with subsequent video that I watched.

Basically, what I did was to pull my right foot back about six inches and tried to hit with my regular swing and aimed out to the right by twenty yards and surprise, I landed on the green with this great hook or draw. So it worked ok for me but like I said I only tried it a couple of times with success. But, I like to hit my ball straight.

There is nothing better then to see the ball in flight with that great arc, going right down the middle of the fairway. My only problem with all of that is I get no roll especially with all the rain we have had over the last month and the courses being wet. With the high arc I use, the ball will almost plug but it hits with such force it usually jumps back about one to two feet and a little to the left.

You probably want to know how I know it jumps back. Easy. I can see the plug where the ball hit and it is usually about one inch deep. Actually, I could probably put my ball in the hole and cover it with the flap left over and bury the ball. I  read somewhere that the drives usually have back spin on them, so to have it bounce back is not surprising.

Anyway, I digress. The way to hit a draw is to do the following.

Put your grip into a strong grip position with your left hand. The thumb should be at two o’clock with three knuckles exposed. The right hand will be in a weaker position with the thumb at 12 o’clock and the palm over the thumb of the left hand. With this position, the club will turn over quickly, cutting across the ball and causing the ball to spin counter clockwise giving it a left to right flight.

To compensate for the draw you must aim slightly right by about 15 yards for the driver and less for the other clubs.

That’s all there is to it. The weather is suppose to be good today so I am going to try and perfect the draw and use it on every club to see what happens. I will probably wait until Thursday to let you know my results.

I have been thinking, a bad thing for me to tax my brain like that, I didn’t try this new golf swing until I started playing in April or early May. So, I have been trying to change my complete swing over the past five months. A short time to do it and I think I have got the drives perfected except for the extra length I need to get back to where I was driving the ball at before.

But I am making good progress and I would like to see the season extended by five or six months but alas, the winters here are not conducive for winter play. So I will have to practice in the house over the winter and try to maintain the swing. This swing, although better then any other is very hard to maintain.

The hard maintenance of the swing I now have is what leads me towards the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt for the average player. It is easy to learn and easy to maintain. And it will help you shave about 10 to 20 strokes off of your golf scores.

Therefore, if you truly want to improve your golf scores the simple and easy way, then get the Simple Golf Swing. You might as well do it now instead of waiting so that you can see the improvement now instead of next year.

And if you want you can review the material next February and get ready for play in April because you will already have learned how to swing in golf with the simple and easy golf swing.

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