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How to Swing in Golf While Practicing

What should you do in how to swing in golf while you are practicing?

There are a lot of ways to practice and one is while you are playing nine or eighteen holes. I was thinking about that while on the way to the course yesterday and decided I would play the game like it was the US Open. EXCEPT….

I decided that I would use the first ball hit unless I really hit a bad shot, then I would hit another and use the second attempt. I did this two times out of the whole round and played pretty good.

My drives were excellent and could not fault any of them so there were no take backs or Mulligans with my drives. I seem to have a problems with my second shots. I used my three metal club three times and used a Mulligan on the first one I hit. After that I was good on each shot.

My irons to the pin where all pretty good but I was short on about half of them. I did re-shoot on one shot there because I chunked it and the ball traveled about twenty yards and I had one bad chip where I skulled the ball . I did not try another for that one and chipped back onto the green and one putted for my bogie.

My wife on the other hand was practicing and hitting a second ball on each shot. We were following another two-some so the singles behind us did not bother us but then on the fourth hole the two-some disappeared. They either went onto another course or they quit and went back to the club house. So we were now slowing down the two singles behind us and finally decided to let them pass. It took three holes to get them beyond us and while this was going on my wife was freaking out.

So she was not doing well with here shots. As a result, she was putting pressure on me, as I was allowing these people to play through. But it was the right thing to do. In hind sight I should have just stopped at the par three number five and waited until they passed. This was a mistake on my part. Next Time!

Last week I told you about my driver but I have not done anything about it yet. But I was using it well yesterday and the drives were in the 240 range and right down the center of the golf course. My three metals were very good and I almost reached the first par five in two using a Mulligan with my three metal. I was ten yards short of the edge of the green. The hole is listed at 481 yards.

In total, I shot a 42 with two Mulligans that I used which would have been a 44 if I had not used the Mulligans. So I shot pretty good and was driving well. I putted really well and had three one putt greens for a total of 15 putts. That seems to be my game right now. Shaving three putts off of my total and still scoring pretty good.

I still need practice with my irons and need to learn how far I hit these irons. I watched some of the videos about hitting the balls, low flight, with draws and more distance before we went golfing and was trying some of those techniques, hoping to get more distance out of my driver and irons. Not much!

I did not get much more distance except I was not landing the balls and jumping back from the point of landing. I did get some roll out of the balls. Even with a very wet golf course. My wedge through seven irons were still very high and no forward roll after landing.

I used my two iron once yesterday and it only went 195 yards. I used to hit my four iron that far but with this new golf swing, I am very short compared to my past.

I am using a slower swing to get better control and using my wrist to accelerate through the impact for more speed.

This is where I need to practice more with the timing for the irons and driver. But the driver is pretty good right now with this shaft, so I will not pursue anything different unless I get another new shaft.

I am doing great with my new perfect golf swing but I cannot seen to get the hang of it with the irons and I think it is because I am trying to get more distance out of them and not swinging properly. I still need to learn how to swing in golf with this new golf swing.

Well, that is that and again if you are in need of a new simple golf swing I would use the Simple Golf Swing from David Nevogt as the swing you should learn.

See ya Friday with more golf tips for learning how to swing in golf for the perfect golf swing.

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