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No Such Thing as the Perfect Golf Swing

There is no such thing as the perfect golf swing. It is too hard to master the golf swing especially if you are an regular golfer that only plays on league days.

I am playing a little more than that right now but, I have a very good golf swing but I still make errors.

One of my big problems is my drives. I still don’t have my driver back and I am not sure I will ever get it back. Even if my friend were to replicate my golf club shaft, there is no guarantee that it would be the same.

There are too many variables to building golf clubs. That shaft is not available any more and he is not sure what would work. So, I am taking it to Golf Smith today to see what they can do and there is still no guarantee that they could match up my club with the best shaft for it.

I am using a loaner my friend gave me and he has given me two three metals that he has to help me as he does not have my three metal anywhere. So, I am going to use these to try and duplicate my old three metal.

Well, that brings us to yesterday’s round. It was a pretty good round. My drives where still off and all of a sudden I can’t hit par threes. I am just off the mark. Even when I hit the greens, I am so far away from the pin, it is very hard to keep from three putting. I did not technically have any three putts but two were just off the edge of the green, one in the short rough and one on the long rough which I putted and did not get close enough to tap in.

My putting was very good but I was just off the mark. I had five putts that just grazed by the edge of the cup. With any luck at all, three of those five would have gone in. Or maybe even five of five but alas none did and I missed getting a 30 something and had to settle for a 40 on the nose.

A good golf score but it was just off by a little. I did not miss anyone of those putts by more than a half inch. None rolled beyond six inches away and I had five tap ins.

I missed both par threes but I had to chip onto the greens for both and did not get close so I got bogies on both par threes. They were part of the five very close putt.

I had one very good drive. It was on the seventh hole and was right down the middle about 270 yards out. I put a 110 yard wedge to the green about teen feet away from the cup and missed the birdie putt.

I had a fair drive on five which was right fairway and about 230 yards out. I believe that is my problem with my drives. With the driver I am using, a loaner from my friend, I cannot get more that 220 yards with a nice easy controlled golf swing and when I try to get more out of it I generally pull it to the left.

That is what happened on three, four, eight and nine. I pulled all of those drives to the left along the tree line. I was just off by five to seven degrees on the club face.

But I am afraid to open the club face more or face to the right more for fear that I will hit it right and get into more trouble. So I still aim down the middle and it goes left rough along the tree line and every now and then I hit one down the middle.

But as part of that, I am learning more about my wedge and nine iron. My nine iron will go about 140 yards with a good swing. With a three quarter swing it will go about 120 yards so I have to finesse every nine iron. The wedge will go 110 yards but I have to swing too fast and with a normal golf swing it will go about 90 yards.

That means I have a gap between 90 and 120 yards where I have to finesse a shot or over swing to  get to the 100 or 110 yard shot. That is what happened on the two par threes. The first is 128 yards and I was short with my three quarter swing. Had to ship up and was short. Two putted for a four. The second par three is 122. I swung a little harder and was over the green. Had to chip back and went long by 12 feet and just missed the putt for another four.

All in all I was scrambling to get a good score and was proud of my putts, even though I missed with those five but they were all very close and could have gone in. So the perfect golf swing was only a very good golf swing and has some flaws so I will continue to adjust. Not The Simple Golf Swing, that’s for sure but non-the-less a very good golf swing.

See ya tomorrow with some golf tips.

Lou M.

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