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What Gets You Nearer to the Perfect Golf Swing?

I asked the question, what gets you nearer to the perfect golf swing?

The reason I asked this question was because of something I read. I have studied the art of the golf swing now for about 12 months of steady hard research, practice, money and work. Actually more work then I dreamed I would ever do in this quest to find the perfect golf swing.

After months of trying to determine which golf swing would be best, I chose the most complex. Why? I am not sure at this point. Maybe it was because of all the available videos that would help me see what was required. The Simple Golf Swing would have been better at this point in my career but I chose something different.

This morning I read an excerpt from an ebook about the “new” golf swing. The take away for the back swing and the transition to the forward or down swing is complete backwards from what I have been learning.

I have been learning to use your upp

er body to begin the back swing and to use the lower part of your body to begin the forward or down swing. The “new” golf swing I was reading said to start your back swing with your arms and to bring it back close to your body and then at the top to begin the down swing is to use your left arm to pull the arms and club down to the swing. Also to rotate your hips during the golf swing.

During the back swing you are to cock you wrist at the top and then as you bring the swing down, to keep the wrist cocked until just before you have reached the position of near impact and then release and rotate the wrist for max velocity.

Much of that us similar to the revolution golf swing. The big difference is that during the golf swing I learned you are to use your body for the major moves and then to use the cocked wrist to get the golf swing speed needed to hit the ball far.

During the down swing, the arms are controlled by the lower body and rotate at approximately 1 to 3 mph. That means that the arms are rotating at that same speed and as your distance from your shoulder grows, the speed of the club picks up. When you almost reach the bottom of the swing you are to unlock the wrist and rotate the club through the swing.

If you try to use your arms anywhere during that golf swing something bad will happen, usually a pull or a push causing the ball to go left or right of the intended flight path.

That is where the complex part of the perfect golf swing comes in. After all these years of using my arms with the help of my lower body, it is really hard to let the body control the golf swing and keeps the arms immobile.

All the other parts of his lessons are easy to control, make sense and help make me a better golfer. Except one other thing. Using my sand wedge to do the lions share of chipping. I have difficulty getting the ball to roll as it wants to check up. So I tend to hit it more like a pitch shot and land it closer to the hole.  This seems to work a little better but I still end up with putts longer than six feet sometimes and as we know it is very difficult to make six foot or longer putts.

Just to remind some of you new readers, that have not gone back and read any of those beauties I have posted, a pro golfer will only make 50% of his/her putts if they are six feet or longer up to ten feet where it drops to 26% or there about’s.

So, you want to get your putts to within three feet, where a pro will make 95% of their putts and you, well who know?

Getting back to the golf swing, the Simple Golf Swing also has you using the arms more then the body but the swing is very small and therefore in control. But you do not have much time with a one-third golf swing to get high velocity, even with a cocked wrist. The end result is a shorter hit but it will be in the fairway or on the green more often then anything you are doing right now.

Again this results in better golf scores. I don’t know about you but that is the primary reason for getting golf tips and lessons is to score better. Yes it is great to talk about the long drives but do you tell your friends that it was out of bounds far right.

By the way, I took my driver to Golf Smith to replace the shaft and put a new golf grip on it. I will tell you more tomorrow after golf. I will not get it back until Thursday after 4 pm so I will pick it up on Friday and try to use it on Friday to see if it will come close to the perfect golf swing.

So, see ya tomorrow.

Lou M.

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