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Learn How To Swing in Golf

You must learn how to swing in golf. I play with too many guys that are hacks.

They look at me in awe and tell me what a great golf swing I have and how long a hitter I am but do you know that they could do the same if only they would get off their collective asses and try.

I am frustrated as I can be.  I have been to an event that showed how people of all ages and skills all tried something that most would never consider doing and they accomplished their goal.

But then I come back to reality and see all of these guys hacking and whacking their way to nowhere.

I was in Chicago this last weekend and watched my daughter do a mini Triathlon and watched as my son-in-law accomplished his goal of doing the International or Olympic Triathlon. On Saturday there were over 800 people doing the mini and on Sunday there were over 8,000 people doing various forms of the Triathlon. Even the pros where there and accomplished the event in about half the time of most of the amateurs.

What an inspiration these people where.

But I keep getting people that do not try to improve coming to me and wanting to know what my golf  score was as I am one of the gold standards for our league. I still feel like I suck but it is all relative.

Yesterday, my golf partner and I had a 36 in our two man scrambles golf league. I carried him the first half and he carried me the last half. So we complimented each other and I helped him and the golfers that were paired with us with some golf tips.

My partner hits the ball so far it is just awesome to see. But he hits more bad shots then good as he swings too hard. I tried to slow him down, loosen the grip and get his waist through first and stop using just his arms. Some of it sunk in but not all.

We even changed hitting positions so that he would have to hit first and not worry about my shot. That helped him but it screwed me up as I started to over swing myself. But we finally got our birdie and ended the round with a par 36. I must tell you though, we were putting for make-able birdie putts on seven of the nine holes and only made one. We had the one birdie and one bogie and seven pars.

Enough about me, I am concerned that there are too many people out there that are not good golfers and don’t care to learn how to swing in golf. The vast majority of golfers are in that classification. They just want to get out in the open and enjoy the company of other guys.

You are probably in the same group. You work hard all week and have one or maybe two nights after work where you can get out with friends and play nine holes of golf in the sunshine. You can either forget about your troubles or cry on each others shoulders about life. I understand that but how can you be so determined in your job and not in your play.

To me, life is too short to just get by and not try to be the best among your peers or even better than average. I may not be the best in the leagues I belong to but I am in the top 3 or 4 in both leagues in which there are 32 golfers each. I could not say that last year or even the past 15 years. I was a hack like most of you but I made a decision to get better, so I spent some money,  practiced and got better.

Even while I did not have my driver in golf and my three wood, I was able to still compete. I have issues with my golf swing but really it is mental not physical. When I swing properly, I am a very good golfer but I get lapses and drop into a funk for a few golf swings until I remember how to swing in golf and get back to hitting the ball properly with my perfect golf swing. It is really a matter of trying to show off with the distance I can hit a golf ball and it gets me in trouble.

So enough preaching. You want to get better before the season ends, get the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt. You could be hitting the golf ball much better in less than a week with just a little practice. I would hope you would want the perfect golf swing but this will help you learn how to swing in golf to get you playing and scoring better in no time.

I am going out golfing today with my wife to get more practice, so tomorrow I will be back with more golf tips.

See ya then.

Lou M.

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