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The Quest For The Perfect Golf Swing Continues

Here we are on the quest for the perfect golf swing. We continue to practice to get better and to make life better for us on the golf course.

Do you realize that the summer is just about over. Last year we played until November 10th. With the look of things this year it will probably be December with all of the heat we’ve gotten this year.

Well this was quite an eventful week last week. Last Thursday and Friday my wife and I went out golfing. Thursday we went to a course we had never played. It is old and mature. That means it has a lot of trees and many have been damaged during some of our recent storms.

The course was narrow and on many of the doglegs they have six foot high out-of-bounds stakes on the inside of the dog-leg. That is how close this course is to golfers coming in the opposite direction. But like I said we went out to practice. My wife and I both played much better but I am still having troubles with my long clubs and par three’s. I’m having my wife use the Simple Golf Swing to improve her golf swing.

But on Friday we went to another course that used to be a great course until developers bought it and built condos. It went from a great 18 hole golf course to a very nice 9 hole par three course with lots of water ponds.

It was great practice for me as I had not been able to land on a par three for three weeks and some of my worst scores have come on par threes. Well these holes were mostly 130 to 150 yards. Mostly nine irons and eight irons. I landed on 7 out of nine. What a great help that was.

As a result of that experience, that aspect of my golf scores on Monday was very good. Our two par threes here at the course I regularly play on I played great. I had a total of 5 strokes. That’s right a par and a birdie. Compare that to last Thursday when I had a total of 9 strokes for two par threes.

But I am still floundering with my drives and fairway woods/metals. I am without a three metal. I was finally able to contacted my friend about him having my three metal in his house somewhere only to find out he had a garage sale over the weekend and sold a lot of clubs. He said he didn’t sell any three metals so he will look. In the meantime, I am using a five metal that is twenty five years old and this is the first time I have used that club since.

My friend has given me a total of four drivers. None are as good as mine was, so I am doing just terrible with my drives. Most have a slightly closed face and when I try a nice easy golf swing they go left. When I try to muscle them because they don’t go as far as my broken driver, I push them out to the right. So I am constantly in trouble.

Last night was no different. The first drive was over the fence left.

The third hole is a par five with water that is driveable. So I used the five metal for the first time and pushed it right but short of the water by ten yards. My second shot with the five, I closed the club face slightly and it was straight and put me to within 120 yards of the green.

I pulled my nine iron out at 125 with the pin on the second tier and put it over the green on the back edge where I could putt but that was a hit of some 145 yards. Two putted for a par. The next hole I can’t use the driver as it would go into the water. The fifth hole I used a driver with a nice easy golf swing and it went left again. The sixth hole, I hit it wrong again, no perfect golf swing there, but I was within thirty yards of the green as I took the shortcut but I was behind the trees with no shot.

The seventh hole, I finally opened the club face slightly and with a perfect golf swing I hit one right down the middle but it was about 30 yards short of my average drive with my old driver. The eighth is the par three surrounded by water. For the last three weeks I have made it safe but long with my nine iron at 122 yards.

So to keep from going long with the pin near the front I used a 3/4 golf swing for the nine iron. I just made it onto the green but it was on the front edge. Sunk the putt for a two. By the way, I was the only one to make it on the green out of four guys. All three were wet.

Finally, the last hole and I pulled the drive left again trying to get a little extra distance with this par five. Still, parred the last hole using my five metal for my second shot for a 40.

Well this is long. See ya tomorrow with  golf tips to live by on our quest for the perfect golf swing.

Lou  M.       By the Way visit The Simple Golf Swing for Free tips

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