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Practice to Get The Perfect Golf Swing

You need to practice to get the perfect golf swing.

Yesterday I ran out of time as the post was almost 15 minutes to read. That is a long time to keep your attention. So, I tried to reduce the number of words for today and to show you what makes the perfect golf swing.

It is practice. On Friday, my wife and I went to a course we like to play every now and then. I like it because it reminds me of the old days. My wife did not like to play big courses back then so we played a lot of par three courses. At first I hated it. Why? Because I was the big man on campus and could only play the 6,500 or 7,000 yard courses.

No one ever broke it down for me back then but all of a sudden things began to change. My golf scores for one. I got better!

Over the years, they have taken away most of the par threes as the land has become to valuable and housing was needed. So it has become more difficult to find a good par three. Most are in areas where the land is not that valuable because the area is run down and the courses sucked.

But Friday we went to a fairly nice par three course. Seven of nine holes had water ponds between the tees and green and it was in the middle of a condo complex.

Well, I concentrated real hard on hitting good shots and the result was that I hit seven of nine greens with my approach shot. Well, here goes the golf tips of the day. When you break down how you play you will soon realize that you are banging the ball out on your drive and the remaining play is a par three.

So, instead of playing only two par threes per nine holes you are actually playing nine par threes per nine holes. The only difference is that on seven of them you are hitting drives. And on two of the seven you are usually hitting a second shot before getting to a par three.

So, if you can master your par threes then your scores will drop significantly. Also, if you plan out your shots right, you can hit the same par three approach shot for each green.

Therefore I am telling you to go to a par three golf course and practice there instead of a driving range and your golf scores and your golf swing will improve.

Next, I have talked about this before but I can’t tell you how important this one is. As a result of improving my approach shots, I have one other thing to help my golf scores. I am no longer three or four putting any greens.

My average putts per nine holes is down to 15. That is three below par. There are two things that are happening to improve that total. One is, if I miss a green, it is not by much and when I chip or even putt from off the green I am close enough for a tap in.

The second thing that has made a difference is that I have been practicing long lag putts. On the two golf courses I play on, one has much bigger greens then the other. So on the big greens golf course I will practice lag putts of 35 to 40 feet and on the one with smaller greens I will practice lag putts of 20 to 25 feet before golf.

I do lag putts instead of going to the driving range to grove my golf swing. I have developed the perfect golf swing for putting lag putts. I generally use three balls and do the lag putt then if I am outside of a tap in I will putt in the remaining putt to complete my practice.

I vary the holes and do down hill putts as well as up hill putts. I do the up hill putts more as I am still short more often then long on the greens with my approach shots. Therefore I am left with up hill putts most of the time.

Even though I am having troubles with my drives and par five second shots, this part of my game, the short shots have kept me competitive.

So that should help your game also. Practice playing on par three golf course or some call them executive courses to sharpen your game on every hole. Also, practice lag putts to reduce the number of putts. These two things will help improve your golf scores by 3 to 6 strokes per nine.

By the way, we walked the course on the par three course. It was 2.4 miles and we did it in 87 degree heat. I recommend walking as you should only be carrying four clubs. A seven, a nine, a pitching wedge and a putter. But if you are excessively over weight or very old and out of shape you may not want to walk in 85+ heat. Good exercise though and another golf tip.

Well see ya tomorrow after my morning round. It is suppose to be 59 degrees over night so it may be a little chilly in the morning. Remember, if you want to improve your golf swing use the Simple Golf Swing. Thanks.

Lou M.