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The Perfect Golf Swing Saga 23

The perfect golf swing is in motion still and we are now at saga 23. Don’t know what that means but there I said it.

Actually, Monday was a different sort of day. I live about 7 miles from this golf course. It takes me about 12 minutes to get there and it was raining during that complete drive. Earlier, it stormed, with high winds and heavy rains. I thought our chances of playing golf were slim to none.

Well, we not only played but had a pretty good time of it.

Out league leader decided that we would play a four man scrambles instead of the typical two man scrambles. I’m not sure why but I would probably think it is being done to help those that are on the bottom get better scores and help them with their self esteem.

So our group was a pretty good group of golfers. We hit many good drives and had many good approach shots. We hit 6 greens in regulation and got three birdies as a result. The two par three’s we missed, could not chip and got bogies as well as one par four which we did not stay on the green either. So what we found out was the four of us could not chip to save our pars.

We got a par 36 which was the norm. There were three groups that broke par at 35, 35 and 33. One group had a 42 and the rest were either 36 or 37. It was nice and I am not sure whether this is going to be the regular thing we do each night now or not. Only time will tell.

Personally, I played fairly well. My drives were used 5 out of 7 times, my approach shots were used 4 out of 7 times and my putts were used 9 times out of 15 putts. So I think I did my fair share. The three chip shots we had, they used one of mine but it was a stinker too, so it was nothing to write home about.

We did have 15 putts which was pretty good but in order to do well in this things you need to have no more than 13 putts. So, all in all it was OK and if I had a choice I would go back to the two man scrambles but it is not up to me so we will have to wait and see.

Even though I have been hitting golf balls in my back yard to practice chipping golf swing, I have not done well at the golf course. I guess I am going to have to go to the golf course and practice there. I think the difference is that we are given one chance to get it right and we try not to screw it up so we baby the shot instead of hitting it like we are suppose to.

And in general, we are normally above the pin with a down hill golf shot. Then for sure you don’t want to hit it long and go down hill. So again the golf swing is babied.

So, I guess my golf tips for today is yes it is good to practice but to really find out what you can do you need to practice at the golf course. I will bet you that over the last couple of weeks I have hit 0ver 640 chips. And each time I try it during a round of golf I screw it up. That means I am no better off after the practice then before. What a waste of time.

But in thinking this out, I have used the sand wedge about 130 times in practice and about 8 times during 4 rounds and missed all but two during those 8 attempts. Still a poor percentage. That is .250 batting average. Wait a minute, that would get me a baseball salary of 5 mill per year. Maybe that’s not all bad and they would practice hitting a lot more than I am practicing that chip shot.

I’m thinking I need to play out of the grass more then off the piece of carpet to get the perfect golf swing on those chip shots. If my grass were lush and green, I would say that is true, so I guess I still need to go to the course and practice at the putting green.

That is what I am going to do today. I will let you know tomorrow what the results were.

See ya then.

Lou M.

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