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The Perfect Golf Swing In More Detail

The perfect golf swing in more detail will follow with this short intermission.

Ok, that’s all now on to golf tips.

Well, I went to the nearest golf course to practice my chipping golf swing. This is my attempt to improve to get the perfect golf swing.

It was pretty hot so I wore as little as I could get away with, which for me is still a lot.

Anyway, I started out simply enough and had some of the same results as I had during the last four rounds. Soon though I began hitting to the pin. I picked the pin that was closest to me and paced it off to be a chip of 3 paces to the edge of the putting green and 4 paces to the pin.

I was chipping to within 3 inches, so I was please.

I chose a different location and was chipping to a pin that was about 12 paces from the edge and about 3 paces to the edge and very much uphill. After two chips I was able to put the next 10 to within 6 inches. I continued that process and then went above to try and hit these chips from a downhill position.

Well, needless to say I could not get any where close to the pin. After doing this for about 20 minutes, one of the rangers came over to me and said I could not chip on the putting green anymore. “The boss says you can’t chip as it put dents into the green area”, he says to me. Well, I look over to the kid doing the same as me but he had his bag with him and he was just chipping without putting. He was still chipping as I was driving away which was well over 10 minutes after they asked me not to chip.

I figured that they did not like the idea that I was not paying for golf so then I shouldn’t be on their putting green. So rather then argue I just picked up my stuff and left. It was alright, I had been able to get almost a half hour of practice and I controlled the situation as I don’t have to spend my money there.

So for their happiness, my wife and I will not golf there this year. That means they will lose out approximately $210 of income from us because they were unfair to me. By the by, there are no “NO CHIPPING” signs around like there are at some other golf courses.

Here is a video that has been used by me to learn how to get the perfect golf swing and to chip from Paul Wilson of Revolution Golf. Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow after my morning round.

How to Chip

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