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The Perfect Golf Swing needs help.

The perfect golf swing needs help to make good golf scores.

Look, the day started out rotten and ended that way also.

After the first drive, which was a perfect golf swing, I took off and heard that loud crash that any respectable golf cart

driver hates to hear. Yes, I forgot to tighten my golf bag after loosening the strap to get some tees out of my bag. I had to go back and pick my clubs up off of the ground and put it back in the cart.

Everything seemed ok until I got to hole number two. I pulled my driver out and walked to the tee box. I had to wait so I rested the club head on the ground and the stick became shorter. Thats right, I broke the shaft to my driver. So, I had to use my three metal to drive with.

A few years ago that would have been OK but not this year. This year we have a love/hate relationship. And today was not any different. I did hit more good drives then bad but when it was bad it cost me two strokes and distance. That happened twice today. So my score ballooned because of my three metal and because of my putting.

I have been practicing lag putts to get me close for tap ins but today I could not putt to save my butt. I had five, count them, five three putt greens including the last par five which I did get a five on. That is correct, I was on in two and three putted for a par five.

Like Andy Schlect would say, nothing ventured nothing gained(I paraphrase). I cut the corner and hit a safe four iron to the middle of the fairway except it went right and ended up on the green in two. I didn’t know I could do that but it worked and that will be my new route for this hole.

I got a six on a par three as I hit two eight irons into the water. I could not get comfy with the shot and it showed.

So, let me summarize what I did today. I hit two three metals out of bounds today for an extra 4 strokes, five three putts for 5 extra strokes and two eight irons into the water on the second par three for three more strokes. That totals 12 extra strokes today for a 48.

Oh yah, I broke my driver!!!!!

Other than that it was a great day. We teed off at 8:40 at 80 degrees and it was well into the 90’s by the time we finished but I like it hot like this. I’ll take 90 over 30 any day.

I must confess, part of my putting problem was the pitches to the green  which left me short and a long way from the hole. These greens are big and they have very few flat areas. And they putt differently then the putting green.

But I have got to tell you, if you go back three days you will see that the other golf course I play at, I was long on my pitch and approach shots whereas I am short here. Why? Is the yardage incorrect at one of them? Or are they both off? Or am I just screwed up? Maybe a little of all of all three.

Oh well, I have vented enough. But it appears that my biggest issue is around the green. I have been practicing a lot but I apparently need more practice or different practice.

I’ll get it figured out. See ya on Tuesday and have a good weekend.

Lou M.

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