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The Perfect Golf Swing is Almost Here

The perfect golf swing is almost here at my beck and call.

Even though I am forced to use a different driver today, I must tell you, my golf swing carries me through it.

Last week I told you I broke my driver. After months of research and experimenting with many different types of drivers, I finally found the driver I wanted. Well, just like that, I broke it. I took it to my friend who built it to get a new shaft put on the club.

He said, and I quote, “I don’t know if I can get the same shaft, I think they don’t make it any more, but I will try to get one that is very close.” Not what I wanted to hear, especially after reading all of the accounts from club makers about how the equipment varies.

My driver may never be the same. Could it be better, yes. Could it be worse, yes. We will see. In the meantime, he loaned me two more drivers to use and I still have another he gave me to try some months ago. I have tried on many occasions to return this club but he keeps saying to just hold onto it.

Anyway, I went to the range before golfing to get the golf swing for the drivers. I found that though both were stiff flex, they could not be muscles. When I tried that, they would react badly and unpredictably. That is probably alright as it will help me keep my golf swing in control.

Now to the round. I am still driving well but one of the new drivers did cause me problems on two occasions. I tried to drive a little longer on the sixth hole and it went way right. As a matter of fact it was in the next fairway. So when I got to the eight, a par five I hooded or closed the club face a little more than normal to compensate for the right push.

Only it didn’t react like I thought it would and the ball went left. There are two big trees on the left just off the fairway, just about 100 yards out and I hit one square. As we were waiting for the ball to land we heard a thud just off to our left.

Yep, I hit it on the button and the ball came back almost 100 yards just to our left by about 20 yards. So we had to use my partners drive which was in the trees ahead and left. All in all we ended up with a bogie six which I feel was a major accomplishment.

That put us four over for the round and I was hoping for a birdie on nine to get us back to three over or a 39.

On my last drive of the night, I tried to hit it with the perfect golf swing and not try to muscle it and the ball went straight as an arrow and I could see it land just in front of the green and bounce up onto the green, just barely. A drive of approximately 270 yards.

The hole is short but I have never seen anyone drive it. The green is surrounded by traps and the opening is on an angle so it is hard to hit. There have many longer drives by other people but I am the only one of my peers to land on the green that I know of. I am sure there are others that have hit it but none of the people I know have so it was huge.

It was the buzz of the 19th hole after golf.

We had a putt of about 8 feet for an eagle but could not make it and ended the round with a birdie for 39.

I had five chips last night and we made three putts for three pars and two bogies. The other two bogies were just bad period. So my chipping is getting better and I think I have figured out why my lag putts and chips are so much better on this course compared to the course I play on Thursday. The greens are much smaller on the Monday night golf course.

I also had a first for me as I played with the same golf balls for the entire night and did not lose one. This is huge! This nine is very tight and with lots of trees and undergrowth where you can lose a ball very easy. So to be finishing the round with all of my golf balls in great.

I am still having problems with my long irons and my three metal. I tried the three once last night and topped it. I could say it was the lie, which had the ball below my feet by six inches but I should have hit the ball.

So, I still have to concentrate more on my irons and three to get better. I think I know what to do and I will try it on Thursday and I will let you know.

In the meantime, tomorrow will be a golf tips day so tune in for more help.

See ya then.

Lou M.

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