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Golf Tips for the Perfect Golf Swing

Golf tips for the perfect golf swing here today.

For example, did you know that if your club face is open or closed one degree off square and you hit a drive approximately 250 yards, you will be off target by 13 feet.

If you are open or closed by 3.5 degrees, then you will miss the fairway.

Can you even imagine what 3.5 degrees is on your club face. Heck you may even have the club faced opened or closed that much at address and you think you are square to the ball.

Also, even you if you had the greatest hand/eye coordination, you could not address you swing going 100 mph to square up the club at impact.

I guess what

I am getting to is three things. You must be able to address your club properly, you must be able to repeat your swing and third you cannot possibly adjust the location of the impact while in the middle of a swing.

The first and second point is easy to accommodate. Just take your time and make sure the club is square with the ball and aligned with the target. And don’t try to adjust your golf swing. The second one is more difficult. Repeat you swing every time.

It is improbably that you can repeat your swing using your arms. You must learn how to swing using your shoulders and waist. And if you use a point A to point B swing where you don’t care about impact position because it is midpoint of A and B then you will come closer to repeating your swing.

To explain this better than I can I have put a link to YouTube to have Paul Wilson explain how to swing the perfect golf swing. The video is about golf swing tempo but will also explain how to repeat your golf swing.

Ok so here is the video and enjoy. I will see ya tomorrow after my round. Hopefully with a very good score.

Paul Wilson Golf Swing Tempo

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