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The Perfect Golf Swing, Where is it?

The perfect golf swing where is it where has it gone.

I have not played golf or swung a golf club for almost sevens days. The perfect golf swing could be lurking around but who knows, I don’t because I have not done anything for quite a while.

Ok then, let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about golf balls.

I am going to go in reverse order of importance. In other words from the most expensive to the least expensive.

The golf balls I am going to talk about have a five star out of five star rating from many of the golf ball web sites.

The most expensive category is for those that want to spend $36 or more on a dozen golf balls. Believe it or not there are only two brands that got five stars and these are designed for low handicap players. That is the Callaway i(s)/i(z) balls and the Taylormade TP ball.

The i(s) ball uses second generation Dual Core Technology, this ball produces maximum greenside spin on short iron shots while activating the inner core on drives to produce long drives with low spin. It comes with a soft Urethane cover that helps create even more wedge spin to feel and play softer. The aerodynamics reduces drag for stable and efficient ball flight in various weather conditions.

The i(z) is pretty much the same ball but creates longer drives while still maintaining spin around the greens.

Now the Taylor Penta TP balls are made of 5 pieces to provide long drives and more distance with more accuracy. It is also designed to provide good spin ratio for around the green for all around play. Good balls and better then all of the other expensive balls as rated by players.

Next is the range in price of $21 to $35 for a dozen golf balls. Believe it or not there is only one ball ranked as a five star ball and that is the Bridgestone E6. This ball is designed for moderate swing speed users and for players that need help to reduce sidespin. It delivers higher then average accuracy with towering distance. It’s a great ball for the player that has a handicap rating of 15 to 30.

The last category is the under $20 golf balls. The brands with a five star rating here are the Noodle+ and the Top-Flight Gamer V2. Both balls are designed for high handicap players that need a ball that will not be damaged and that they can afford to lose. Although the Gamer is ranked really high among all players who tested it and many of the lower handicap players feel that they would prefer to use it.

The Noodle+ is to be used for golfers that have a swing speed of less than 85 mph. The compression core helps these low club speed players have longer drives to keep up with the better players. They are fast becoming very popular among the older players and those that don’t want to spend a lot of money on balls that they are going to lose.

As for the Gamer, the skin has been designed for increase durability, longer distance and good spin control around the greens for better accuracy. The core provides hig speed distance and a soft feel for more control.

Now the Gamer has become a favorite of all types of golfers and is becoming more popular as the word gets spread, especially for the price. But there are still those that think price and name is better then facts.

The Gamer is the top pick for best value among all balls tested.

Finally, or should we say “Last but not Least…” are the balls designed for women. There are five balls ranked high for the women and they are in alphabetical order. The Callaway Solaire, Nike Karma, Pinnacle Ribbon, Precept Lady IQ Plus and the Taylormade Burner W. These were determined to be the best rated balls by the women.

Of all the golf equipment improvements made over the years, it is the golf ball that has made the most change to the way we play and how we play. Players can hit the balls further then ever before. Many golfers are hitting the ball further then they did when they were much younger and it mostly attributed to the golf balls but club designs have also helped make for better shots also.

I hope this helps. Some of you may wonder where the Pro V1 is at. What I find is that others are ranking the pro V1 right up there but they are just a little more pricey then the other by about $6 per dozen so they don’t get quite the ranking as the others.

Anyway, another long post. Sorry but I had a lot of info for you.

Tomorrow will be after golf so I will get back to keeping you upon my progress towards the perfect golf swing.

See ya tomorrow. Thanks,

Lou M.

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