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The Perfect Golf Swing is Here in Practice

The perfect golf swing is only being seen in practice.

Yep, I swing the golf clubs perfectly in practice but then I try to hit the ball for real and the golf swing is not so perfect.

My golfing partner said this to me twice today, ” You have the perfect golf swing on your practice swing!”.  But when I go to hit the ball, I can feel the golf swing change.

In today’s round, I shot a fairly good 44 but I had problems. On my drives I was left, then right, then right , then left, then right, then left, etc. You get the idea. Finally, on the last hole I hit the drive just like I wanted but it landed in the water.

I hit that last drive to the longest section to make it to the fairway but I was shooting against a 10 to 15 mph head wind and the ball was about 5 yards short of making it across. If the drive would have been hit about 3 degrees left it would have landed on dry land but it went exactly where I shot it and straight as an arrow. Actually the best drive of the day.

Another drive I hit off line was on a par three. I hit it to the right as my previous drive was left and it stayed right. For some reason though I hit it extremely well and it was long by 30 yards and went over the green into the protected wet lands behind the green.

That is two weeks in a row that I have hit an iron long from a tee whereas I am hitting these same irons much shorter out in the fairway. Oh and both irons were about 30 yards too long. The shots were from two different clubs so I can’t blame the club but I did hit both long from tees where they were sitting on a wood tee about a half and inch above the ground. Maybe it is this clean shot that is causing my problems.

Also, I practiced chipping and pitching in the back yard yesterday and it proved to help. I was able to get close enough for a one putt and another chip went into the hole for a par. Another thing I did today was to practice my lag putts from about thirty feet before we started golfing. This proved to help lot as I was only had 16 putts today with one three putt green.

I have been spending so much time on irons that my drives are going to hell and I need the whole game to score well. I did not have a missed shot today but I did pull a couple of drives, approach shots and pitches so I need to work on that. These pulled shots cost me six strokes today.

The last hole cost me two strokes but I did not hit a bad shot and I tried a golf shot that could not be made. As my folks used to say at dinner, “Your eyes were bigger then your stomach.”, and I thought I could get across the water at that point in spite of the heavy in your face wind. Now I know I must hit the ball a little further left in order to make it across but that would leave me with a second shot of 180 to 200 yards. That would make it possible to still land on the green in two and putt for eagle. So it was a good experiment.

So, all in all it was a good day and I know that I am getting better all the time.

It is taking longer then I had hoped but the results are very close. Shooting in the mid 40’s fairly consistently is pretty good from where I was at this time last year where I was shooting in the high 40’s and low 50’s. And I have the perfect golf swing during my practice golf swing.

This past winter, I was sure I could improve my game but I believed I would not shoot golf scores in the 30’s with any consistency but now I believe I can. Before the season is over I will be in the 30’s. I know it.

By the way, if you have decided to try and improve your game I would recommend you use the “Simple Golf Swing” by David Nevogt. It is easy to learn and will help you improve your golf scores by a lot. Give it a try. I think it is the best of all of them out there for a short term fix to your golf game.

So the weather is suppose to be nice this weekend, get out and enjoy your self and go to the golf course to play or practice and I will see you next week. Thanks.

Lou M.

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