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No Chance to Try The Perfect Golf Swing

Today, there was no chance to try and get better with the perfect golf swing.

It rained all night but when I got up it was just sprinkling. Even when I got to the golf course it was barely spitting. But as I was waiting for my partner and my tee time to come up it began raining. My partner arrived, my tee time arrive, no opponents and a wide open golf course.

We decided to go and so did the rain. It got harder and harder.

We both tried to tee off but could not get off the tee. I tried to hit a drive four times and could not get off the tee. My partner tried three times and got the same results.

In the meantime, guys were coming back in and finally the leader of our group came back in and said, enough is enough. So we Quit! So we were split. Eight quitters and eight no starts that were huddled under the eaves of the club house.

We will make it up at the end of the season. This was rain out number two. That will be the day of our outing. We will play 18 (two rain outs) and the dinner buffet after the 18.

Thought I’d get another golf tip in. I hope you enjoyed yesterdays video.

In order to draw the ball you must do one of two things. The easiest way to do the first one is to grip the club with a strong grip. That is to take you left hand and put your thumb at 2 o’clock on the grip. Take the right hand and place your palm over the left thumb. This is a strong grip.

Now, do your normal stance. Then take your back foot (right) and move it back or away from the path of the ball by about four inches, called an open stance. Then do a normal golf swing. You might also aim towards the right to accommodate the hook or draw of the ball.

Method number two is to grab the club with the strong grip again, open the club face just a hair, tilt your body slight aft and then swing. This may not be enough, so you will have to rotate your wrist through during the swing.

Wait a minute. I have been looking at videos on “How to Draw the golf ball” and there is a simpler way to do it. I have loaded this video just below so click on “How To Draw The Golf Ball” and it will take you to a YouTube video that shows you a simple way to draw the golf ball.

Just before this video I watched a video from Corey Pavin and ano ther old time pro and

they both explained it the same way. So three golf professionals explaining the same way to draw or hook the ball. It is simple and easy to do with your normal golf swing. So here it is and enjoy. I will see ya on Tuesday and will probably spend some time during the weekend to get the perfect golf swing grooved.

How To Draw the Golf Ball”


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