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The Perfect Golf Swing is Not Better Then Equipment

The perfect golf swing is not better then the perfect golf equipment. Are the new grooved wedges better then the old grooved wedges?

Back a few years ago the golf club manufacturers came up with a new wedge that had square grooves. They were being touted as the next great innovation since metal woods.

Well, the PGA outlawed them saying it was not good for the pro golfers and for golf in general. They did allow the manufacturers to make new ones with a groove that was “U” shaped. They all stated that the new ones were just as good as the old ones.

I am here to say that it is a bunch of crap.

I just watched a video that was made by the equipment guy at the Revolution Golf website comparing the old grooved clubs verses the new new grooved clubs. The clubs used were identical as could be made except for the type of groove used and they checked on the spin and distance travel with the same club pro hitting five shoots with the same golf swing and with both clubs.

The new groove type would not stay on the green but the old groove type when hit to the same spot stayed on the green.

As a matter of fact, four out of five with the old groove were within five feet of the pin, while the club with the new grooves ran off the green, five for five.

Obviously, he could have kept the balls on the green with a  shorter golf swing shot but this was a test to compare golf clubs.

If you have been wanting to get clubs with the old groove, if you can find them, you should do it and forget about the new style. The old style spins at a rate of 1000+ rpm’s more then the new groove patterned golf club and will help you stop the ball faster then the new style.

Is the old style illegal? It is for the pros but there is no rule against us using them. So, if you have a chance to get one and you think it would be worth it then get the old style groove pattern.

That means if you hit the same shot every time then you will get different results with the two types of grooved pattern and that the perfect golf swing would not make any difference.

I hope that helps. I know it made a difference for me. Actually, I have been thinking of getting a new sand wedge and I will see if it would be available with the old groove club head.

Well, see ya tomorrow after my next round of golf.

Have a good day, Lou M.

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