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The Perfect Golf Swing Takes Practice

No matter what you do, the perfect golf swing takes practice.

Whether you are trying the Simple Golf Swing by David Nevogt, Revolution Golf Swing with Paul Wilson or the Single Plane Golf Swing which is a result of Moe Norman, you need to practice if you want to better golf scores.

Well, yesterday, my wife took  the day off and we went and played nine holes at our local golf course. Some would call it a shooting gallery but I do not. I find it somewhat of a challenge with many easy holes mixed in that are near other holes coming back the other way.

For my wife it was her first day out on the golf course. I have tried to change her golf swing but she seems to be quite content with the golf swing she is using. She will never attain the perfect golf swing but will simply settle for her convenient golf swing. I have been able to incorporate a small portion of the Simple Golf Swing by cutting down her back swing to a half swing back to keep her in sinc.

I personally used the day to practice those issues I complained about yesterday. So, I spent most of the day with my short irons, six through wedge and even teeing off using the six iron. I did use my three metal “flat lies” club to tee off on a couple of long holes as I did not use it on Monday.

My wife was having issues and would continually hit her ball to the right or quite possibly with an open face golf swing. I could not find a major flaw in her swing that would cause it but while watching her swing the club I was reminded of a simple golf swing tip that can be used to help with the open/closed golf swing.

I asked my wife if I could see her club and sure enough there it was. At the bottom of the golf grips on the golf clubs are symbols that may encircle the grip.

In this case it was a series of small crowns. There probably was 6 crowns and the one in question had two little dots above the crown.

That particular crown is placed in the position where if you wanted to have your club face square with the ball, this crown would be in the 12 o’clock position. So if you adjust your grip so that the crown is perfectly placed at 12 o’clock then your club will be square with the ball.

Now if you wanted to open the club face for a rightie you could move the crown toward 1 o’clock and if you wanted it close the club face you would move the crown towards 11 o’clock. By doing that you have a guideline for success.

If you move it a certain amount and it did not give you the results you wanted then move it again to a more open or closed position based on where you moved it last time. Pretty simple, hey?

Now you can be more scientific about making moves by using the tools given to you by the manufacturers.

Well, that is my tip for the day. I hope this has helped. If you grip your club like you would normally, then look at the mark whether it is a line or dot or some other ID, you can tell where you are at normally and then adjust from there when required or wanted.

I have given you info about something that was completely new to me and I think new to you. Very few people, I have checked with, know about those marks. So if it helps, I’m glad.

Tomorrow is my morning league play, so I will report out how things are going. Right now I know that the most important part of my getting better is to concentrate on each shot like I do on my drives. I am pretty sure that is my main issue and I will try to make that happen tomorrow to get the perfect golf swing and I will use the mark on my golf grips to make sure I am where I want to be and what the results are by doing that.

So, see ya then.

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