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The Perfect Golf Swing is Coming

The Perfect golf swing is not here yet. I see some inkling that it is coming but it is not here yet.

I’d like to say the weather has something to do with that… OK, the weather has something to do with that.

But I am still trying to kill the ball and when I say stop that and do the right swing the ball takes off and goes great. So, I have got to get it in my head that what I am doing is wrong. Even though, I shot a 45 on a course that has more water then not.

Little ponds are now lakes and lakes are brimming over. The course has absorbed as much as it can and now it will be up to mother nature to dry out the courses. There are some golf courses around us that aren’t open today as they are just flooded.

Heck some of our streets are impassable due to flooding and no where for the water to go. Even the waste treatment plants are filled to capacity and I would guess they have opened their flood gates to the rivers and lakes.

So, I guess the golf tip for today is to make sure your back swing is nice and slow and in control so that when you bring your forward swing it is in control also. Follow through with a nice swing, just swing through the ball to location point B which is your follow through point at the top of the forward swing.

A case in point, I was on the last hole and we had caught up with the group in front of us. I was about 225 yards out and a slight breeze in our face, wet course and extra cloths on as it is only about 60 degrees. I wanted to hit my 2 iron which I can hit about 220 with a normal swing so I knew I was going to have to put a little extra powder on the shot. I took five practice swings that were perfect and when they finally left the green, I tried to kill the ball and chunked it. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, that’s all I have to say.

I ended the round with a bogie and could have had par to bring me back but, I’ll be back anyway.

So, you all have a great memorial day weekend. The weather is suppose to be nice so hit the golf courses and have fun. I won’t be on the golf course but I am going to Chicago and should have fun.

Next week,

See ya, Lou M.

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