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The Perfect Golf Swing By I Have No Idea?

The elusive perfect golf swing has driven me to drink.

But I have spent so much money this past winter trying to find the Perfect Golf Swing that I couldn’t afford whiskey so I drank water instead. I think I just made myself crazy.

Just recently I had purchased another full teaching method for the golf swing. It is not easy nor is it simple. The golf pro even admits that it will take you 9 or more weeks of playing to master his version.

Well, let me begin at the beginning.

Back in early 2010, I bought Peak Performance Golf Swing with Don Trahan Sr. and Don Trahan Jr. Junior is a golf pro and has learned his techniques from his father. I began using it about two months into last years season. Quite a handful but by the end of the season I was playing fairly well.

I went from a 52 average down to a 43 average for nine holes. But I was also playing four times a week or about 36 holes and then get an occasional 18 holes in maybe every other week. So you would expect me to play better.

If you haven’t done it already, please go back and read my daily log in this blog about what I was doing.

I think, just following someone was a help. I also began searching YouTube for more help. Hells Bells, I got a lot of tips. I tried using some that made sense and there was a bunch of others that didn’t.

We played golf until November 10th. Some of you may say so what but let me tell you that is some kind of record. Except for those polar bear golfers that play in snow and sleet and cold as long as it is over 30 degrees.

Anyway read my blog. I had decided to find the simple golf swing that was repeatable and easy to use.

When all was said and done, I had spent over $200 on various tutorials about the simple and easy to use and repeatable golf swing.

Then all of a sudden, Peak Performance emails started to change and people began complaining and they fessed up that a new company had bought out Trahan and this new company was starting their own web business.

We began getting videos from Paul Wilson a Canadian pro working out of a country club in Las Vegas. I learned a new grip from him which was similar to what I used when I was a 4 handicap for 18 holes. But soon he offered his own video series that he uses for teaching golfers.

Well, he offered us a great deal and I bought his entire series. I have been viewing the videos Buy Viagra online for the past week or so and like the way he teaches. He has a great easy swing that appears as though he is swinging half speed but he hits the ball 260 yards on average. He does say that if you can master his technique then it will be a swing the is easy to use and repeatable.

Well, as usual, I am being long winded. I will end this post here and continue with another post on Friday. I am going to try and post at least twice a week but it may be more. My one league starts Monday, May 9th and the other league starts May 19th. I went to the driving range today and I will tell you about that on Friday.

So I will see you on Friday.

Thanks for reading

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