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Here is The Real Golf, How to Swing Like an Amatuer/

Since my last post about golf, how to swing like a pro, reality has reared it’s ugly head.

I have not played a round of golf yet but I have been to the driving range twice. I have been hitting the ball with solid contact but I have developed a terrible slice. In the past, I only sliced when I got lazy or tired on the course but here I was right out of the chute slicing the ball. My golf swing was good, I thought, but I got this slice. Why?

On the second time at the range, I tried many different things to Male enhancement prescription try and stop slicing. Finally, on my last four balls I decided I was swaying too much. So I took a few practice swings without a ball and tried to keep my body still. Oh My God! What a difference!

I was now hitting the ball straight down the middle with good distance. What a relief! But it was only four balls and I haven’t been back since.

The weather has turned to crap. Highs in the low forties, snow, sleet & rain. It’s Armageddon! Run for your life. Get the life boats out. We had two inches of snow. It has rained so much, many of the golf courses have postponed their leagues and the start of the season. The courses are so wet and the balls won’t float so it wouldn’t be any fun anyway. Besides, you’d have to wear your long johns and layer to stay warm and what fun is that if you can’t swing the club.

So the start of the golf season has been pushed back a week. I am again now playing in two golf leagues but the second one is at a different course. It is five minutes from my house and is one of the premier golf courses in the western part of our area. And, I got a great deal. The second league I was playing in I was a sub and played 14 out of 18 weeks. I became a regular as I played more then most of the members of the league and I had fun playing with different partners each week.

The only issue I had was they were charging me and other subs for golfing. I have been playing in leagues for over 35 years and have never heard of such a thing.Yea, the subs had to pay for their half of the cart but it was no big deal.

Well, this season they raised the rate they want the subs to pay and I said screw’em. So I joined this other league. The normal rate for nine holes is $34 and in this league we only pay $15 dollars and that includes the cart. It is a seniors league for those of us over 55.

I don’t know all of the specifics but what I do know is we have 40 people in the league, we play in the late morning (10 am, I think) and we have a shot-gun start. So we all start at the same time and finish at the same time. That begins on May 19 and lasts for 15 weeks.

My Monday night league begins May 9 and goes for 15 weeks with two holidays off during the season.

So, until things dry out a bit I will not be playing golf. It is suppose to warm up by next week, so I may get out to the range again but we have rain forecast for five out of the next six days. So who knows when the courses will be ready.

Just one more thing. I said I would begin posting videos and info about my new the perfect golf swing and I have been remiss in my duties. So I will hopefully begin to put them on the web so you can see the golf swing tips. If you want to know more, please sign up for my newsletter and I will inform you the minute I get something on there.

Thanks and see you on the next post

Lou M.

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