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What is Golf, How to swing that perfect swing?

Well, there once was a young lad who learned about golf, how to swing a club by him self.

He got to be pretty good but he let life get in the way of his fun. After all he got married, went to school and got an engineering degree and then began making a family and a career for himself. Soon he had to stop playing so that he could watch his children grow and get involved in their activities as well as the demands from his career.

He tried to get his children to play golf but they did not have the patience for it and decided if dad liked it so much it wasn’t for them. So they played baseball, soccer, basketball, cheer leading, debate, etc.

So, when the kids got older and his career started to wind down, he decided to play golf again. But guess what? He sucked at it. In his prime he used to shoot in the low to mid 70’s. Now, twenty years later, he was in the high 90’s and low 100’s.

Well he didn’t like that so he quit playing again. Once in a while an in-law would want him to fill in a foursome. He tried it but he still sucked.

Soon he took an early retirement and worked in his field with other companies as a contract employee and consultant with regular hours and not nearly the pressure he used to feel with his long time company. After a few years he tried golf again. He still sucked but he decided he could learn if he really tried.


You’ve already heard this story, right? Well if you have followed this blog from the beginning, regardless of when you joined. You’ve read this story already but in more detail.

Well, golf season is coming around again. He has been busy this winter and built another blog as well as trying to perfect his swing. The other blog is called “Golf Balls and Golf Equipment”.On that other blog are over 300 videos that show information provided by others about Golf Balls, Golf Equipment & Golf Tips.

This blog will begin to ramp up in about 4 weeks when the leagues start again so there will be info about his golf swing and how his golf scores are progressing. But in the meantime you can go to the other blog and look at all of the videos that has been posted on that blog.

I assure you that it will take you four to six weeks to view all of those videos unless you have nothing else to do. So just enjoy it and have fun looking all these videos. Here is the link:

He still has more post to put on this blog so don’t give up. He will tell you more about his golf swing and what he has learned over the winter. His learning has taken many twist and turns but he thinks he has finally found the right combination to have the perfect golf swing.

I can give Buy a prescription online you some hints, TEMPO, SWING SPEED, GRIP, STANCE, and more.

The proof will be in the playing and this will tell us all if he has found the magic swing.

See you all later.

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