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I have my Perfect Golf Swing Grip

Hello fellow golfers.

Finally, after looking and trying  many different types of golf swing tips, I have finally found the perfect golf, how to swing grip. I have a video I want you to watch which is about 12 minutes and he will explain the golf swing grip he has been using.

When the video is done I will have more comments on the area under this video. So enjoy!

Well, what do you think.

Personally, I really like it. But, I have made changes. Last season, I was using the overlap grip but with this new grip I am

using the inter-locking grip.

I just found the inter-locking easier to use with this grip. I also have a very light grip with the whole setup and find it very comfortable.

This instructor has many videos but I found that is about the only thing I use of his. I do have a easier golf swing and I have incorporated a little whip as I swing through the impact point but my swing is much more compact then his and I have a single plain swing.

In other words I have incorporated three different swing styles into my swing. I will try to explain it all to you but I think I will put it into my Newsletter. So, if you want more info about my new golf swing, please go to the sign up area at the top right and sign up for my newsletter.

See you at the next post, I have more practice info. I am practicing my swing every day now and I am liking it more and more.

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