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Golf, How to Swing Simple

I love the golf channel. Each day it seems I get another little jewel to add to my Golf, How to Swing Simple.

The Golf Channel was interviewing Fuzzy Zeller. He apparently has given out this golf swing tip before and I can see why he would repeat this same golf swing tip.

Each day when you go to play golf you are in a different place mentally or physically. You may be happy as a lark or sad as a mule. But even if you are in the same mood your golf swing is a little different. So, where you hit the ball with each golf club will be different then the last time you played golf.

This is Fuzzy’s tip.

He will address the ball on his practice swing and swing like he would if he were to hit it. He will look at the location of where the club scraped the grass and see how the swing is today.

He will then place the ball towards the beginning of the scrape so that he be just before the bottom of the arc and will get full contact with the ball. He says that this is his golf swing for this round of golf. But he added that this will vary from club to club so you must do it with each and every golf club.

This will prevent topping the ball or chili dipping the ball 90% of the time. There are other things that can prevent you from hitting the ball just right but this golf swing tip will prevent it most of the time.

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