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How to Get Better with Golf Swing Instruction

I’ve added this next post of the new year as a story about playing good golf.

On my Wednesday golf league there is a guy that excels at just about everything. He is a lot like me only better. He is the only golfer in this league that will consistently outdrive me while I will outdrive all others. We were standing on the ninth tee when I asked him this question…

… “Over the last twenty years, have you ever had a year where you played less that twenty rounds of golf whether you are playing nine or 18 holes.” His answer was no. I asked if there was ever less that forty rounds, He said yes to one year. So his average score is thirty eight in our league and has played golf continuously for the last twenty years with more than forty rounds each and every year except one but still more than twenty.

I then asked, “How many times have you had a golf lesson?”. Buy Levitra Professional He himmed and hawed but said, “I don’t know for sure. I have had somewhere between twelve or fifteen.”

So I hope you understand what it takes for the average golfer to become a very good golfer. He is very athletic to begin with but he is not real tall. He is about 5’8″ and always weighed about 155 pounds.

Over a typical spring, summer and fall he would play about 60 rounds of golf, take lessons about 12 or 15 times over the last twenty years, go to the driving range about 3 to 5 times a golf season and play about 1,000 holes of golf.

He states that a few years back he was slightly better then he is right now at about a two handicap but with age he has slowed some. At age sixty he is still the best golfer in our league and hits the ball further then all of us.

He has a nice easy swing and does not look like he hits the ball fast but it goes far. You noticed I keep trying to get that info into the conversation. You are not trying to hit the ball hard but hit it with more velocity (speed).

So, if you want to be a very good golfer you see what it takes. That is why I am trying to find the easiest golf swing for the average league golfer. That is a person that hits the driving range at the beginning of the season and once or twice during the season, plays in the league for twenty weeks on average, plays about four rounds of eighteen holes, no lessons and plays about 250 holes of golf. He averages about 49 or 50 and has about 20 putts for every nine holes.

I know this information is kind of overwhelming. The average golfer cannot play or has no desire to play that much golf but we do want to play better. So we need to do something different.

I want to find an easy way for that player to shoot in the mid to low forties consistantly. So, I am not looking for the perfect golf swing, I am looking for an easy and repeatable golf accutane 40 mg swing for us 13 million or more hacks.

Are you with me? Hell ya!

I am hoping by March, 2011 to have this all figured out. Wish me luck.


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