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Golf, How to Swing Better

This is another series on golf, how to swing better as part of your golf training.

I have purchased two more simple golf swing video series. These are two more than the ones I bought about a month ago.

I have spent about $120 with these four series of golf instructions about the simple golf swing. Not including the one I bought last winter for $100.

Two of these I bought for the golf swing. One I bought for putting and the fourth I bought was a book from the recreational golfer to learn how to practice during the off season. As a matter of fact I put one of his videos on my post a couple of weeks or more ago to show you how to do golf training and have 10,000 practice golf swings over a three month period.

Also, I found my old videos that are on VHF tapes about the Natural Golf Swing with Moe Norman. I have looked at that and it seems more natural but I am having trouble with the grip. I will look at these tutorials during the first month of 2011 and maybe the last week of Buy a prescription online 2010 and try to determine my methods of the simple golf swing and practice those over the next three months to have a grooved swing.

I also promised that I would practice putting on the carpet along with the golf swing to get it grooved.

So, as near as I can determine, the practice swings will use about one half hour every day. The putting will last about 45 minutes to an hour each day. This time will be spent after I have determine which golf swing is the easiest and simplest for you and I to learn.

I really think I am close but we will not know until next spring, unless you live in a warm weather area of the country where you can begin to practice right away, whether these tutorials and my interpretation of the lessons have worked.

Once I have determined whether it is what I have hoped for, you will know. I may wind down my post to once per week until I find something that works.

Then we can practice together and get our grooved golf swings for hitting the ball as well as chipping and putting.

You have probably seen that I am advertising these two tutorials. For right now they appear to be the best but I know I will be making some adjustments to them as I try them out. If you want to get started right now then get these two tutorials. I have put a review on the web pages for your look see.


The Simple Golf Swing is the number one best golf swing ebook on the Internet.

Putting to Win is the finest Chipping and Putting book you can get.

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