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Here are my Golf Swing Tips

The following are my golf swing tips I have learned on my own over the last four or five months that have helped me move from a hacker to a decent golfer. I am still in the process of going through the tutorials I have purchased online and expect to get more help.

The most important golf swing lesson I learned was to slow the back swing down. Use accutane generic a slow “one – two” for tempo to take the club back. Something else I learned about was “TEMPO”. I have never knowingly used it before but I know about it now.

Second, I have shortened my back swing so that my arms only go to slightly above parallel to the ground.

Third, I try to accelerate the club to gain golf swing speed by hitting the ball fast or faster not harder.

Fourth, keep your left arm straight throughout the golf swing.

Fifth, begin the forward swing with the hips and let the arms follow with your following elbow tucked close to your body. If your right handed we are talking about the right elbow.

Sixth, keep you right palm facing up through the follow through on your forward golf swing after impact.

Seven, align the ball in the middle of your stance for middle irons (5,6 or 7) and move forward or back one ball distance for longer or shorter clubs.

Eight, align the ball for your driver about two balls forward of the middle.

Nine, don’t grip to hard with the lower hand. This hand is for guidence not power. Pull with your upper hand.

Ten, chipping hand location is to choak up on the golf grip, use a slow & short back swing, emulate the underhand throw to determine speed for hitting & alignment of the Best online prescription ball.

Eleven, alignment. Find a piece of debris, whether a leaf or twig and put your ball in line with the location of the landing area and the debris. Then put your club face perpendicular with the ball’s line of flight and the debris. Then step up and address the ball with the club still aligned to the ball and debris.

This is you simple golf swing. It should be repeatable and easy to use.

Also to help groove the golf swing use the 120 practice swings. See the video. Go to YouTube and type in “120 practice swings” from the recreational golfer or look for the video on my post on December 16,2010. If you follow his direction you will have practiced your golf swing 10,000 times over a three month period for your golf training to groove your golf how to swing better.

Last but should be first is practice putting. Good putting is the easiest way to reduce strokes from your game. It is the only place where all golfers are equal. Old, young, strong or weak it does not matter. You can have better golf scores then your fellow golfers with just simple practice drills to putt better. Be the one all golfers want to be like.

If you do these techniques and practice 120 times you will be a very good golfer. You will not have the perfect golf swing but it will be simple and repeatable.

More info is provided on the following posts. So don’t quit me now.


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