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Need an Easy Golf Swing for Consistency

This is all about getting better golf scores. But I realize

I must be consistant if I want to score well.

In our foursome is the best golfer of our league. He said something today that hit me across the back of the head like a slap from NCIS.

He showed me his pitching wedge which is worn out in the center of the club. I asked him how old the club is and he tells me it is two years old. I say that my wedge is 20 years old and still Cheap Viagra looks new compared to his wedge. He then says, I hit the club in the same place every time and I play a lot of golf.

I admit to him that I do not hit the club in the same place every time. As a matter of fact I can guarantee that I will try my best and it will be different every time. He and the others get a laugh out of that and that was the general purpose. But as I sit here typing this post, I realize how significant that statement was that he made.

He, I, you and all other golfers must strive for consistancy if we hope to get good golf scores. That is why we do not score very well each time we play.

We cannot hit thousands of golf balls on a daily basis to get to that level of consistancy. So, what we must do is try to get that simple golf swing that is repeatable. Then we will be able to better our golf scores.

That is what I have been trying to do is to get that simple golf swing to be a consistant golfer.

Right now, this golf swing I have is not repeatable, so I accupril generic have to do something to make it simpler. That will be my chore for the winter. Find that simple swing that we can all use to get better golf scores and repeatable swings.

Well, I lost track of my post about playing the last nine holes. I will put it in the next post. But I think I have provided you with good info for your goal for the winter. If you continue to read my posts, I will provide you with any help I get.

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