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My Golf Training Still needs Work

The second nine was pretty good. When we finished the ninth hole we stopped for something hot. I got a coffee with Baileys. That was a nice change of pace and helped warm me up.

I pared number ten, then hit a pull left on the par three eleven. It’s down hill and is a tough putt. I will have to barely get on the green and hope it comes close. My chip was going to be good I thought until it landed about a foot short of the green and got tangled in the grass. So I had to chip again, putt uphill and got a double bogie five.

I am still trying to use the overlap grip but sometimes I forget and use the old golf grip. I use my three metal for my drive on the par five to keep from driving into the water that is on the right and intrudes into the fairway. It goes on a rope and right down the middle. I skull my second shot and end up on the green in four and two putt for bogie.

I par the next three holes including the number one handicap hole into the wind. Then a bogie on sixteen, bad drive-pulled left, then my least favorite par three island hole. This time I put my drive, using a seven iron, onto the green and two putt for a par. OMG!

The eightenth is a good drive, second shot goes where I want but is just short and ends up under an evergreen tree. I chip out then chip on and two putt for a bogie.

I shoot a 41 and have an 83 for the round in almost winter conditions. My Golf was Pretty good.

Still doing golf training, so I did try to line up the ball for my drives with my heart to see if that would make any difference but the results were pretty much the same. Still hitting pretty good drives. I did find that when I want to hit the ball straight down accupril mg the middle I could use my three metal and still have a drive of 240 to 250 yards using a 90% golf swing. Pretty good for a hack of two months ago.

What is my secret? My golf training is more focused on issues and I am Playing more and trying new and easier things to make my golf swing better. I was chipping much better today also. The secret there was to make sure I had a nice slow and in control back swing. Even if that backswing was only 12 inches.

Slow and in control!

I told the guys that Generic Viagra Online Pharmacy this would be my last day of golf and they tempted my by explaining that the tempature for next week was suppose to be in the low 60’s.

I will have to see about that. It will be November 10th! So if my next post is about golfing you’ll know the weather co-operated. I may put in more posts about trying different swings. We have a number of driving ranges around us but two are significant in that one becomes a dome over the winter and the second has heated tee boxes with automatic payment and golf ball dispensing machines. That means I can do golf training next years and try to work on my golf swing.

Looking forward to taking time off for the holidays coming up and the weather has been good but not great. It seems the days we golf the weather turns sour, so it is not as much fun.

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