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Golf, How to Swing Properly

It is hard to believe but this is my 80th post on learning golf, how to swing properly. It seems just like yesterday I started this thing but it has been four months.

I Buy Viagra online hope you have enjoyed it and if you are just getting started it would be good to go back and see where I came from. Many of you are similar in fates and have almost given up accutane prescription refills the game of golf only to be drawn back in by family or friends.

You have hated it because you play so badly but would like an easy way to play decently and enjoy being on the golf course. Playing golf is not cheap so why should you waste your money when you could be having a good time and getting good golf scores.

Anyway, I am almost to the easy golf swing. So stay tuned and you will get more info.

I have been looking at Google’s ads for “golf swing” and then going through the ads to see if someone has a better, easier and simpler golf swing.

One guy is using the Moe Norman method of a simple golf swing. In the 50’s Moe Norman was a famous Canadian golf pro that had what was considered a weird golf swing. I am not sure what happened to him but he dropped out of golf. I don’t know if he died or what but only recently his swing was analyzed and thought to be the perfect golf swing. It was then brought to the attention of the public.

I bought his DVD’s about five years ago but did not play enough or even get a chance to practice so I kind of gave up on it. Well, recently, here is this teaching pro talking about the simple golf plane swing. So I watch his video and signed up for a free instruction.

Here is Moe Norman’s techniques about the simple swing.

This teaching pro talks about the simple straight plane swing. He goes on to explain that we have been taught to hang our arms down, about a hands distance away from our body, and then line the club head up to the ball. What this does is to put us at two different angles to the ball.

No problem so far. Except, when we go to the forward swing to hit the ball, our arms tend to straighten out and we must react by getting higher on our toes so that we can hit the ball with straight arms.

Which explains why I would sometimes chili dip or even top the balls. My body is going up and down to compensate for where my hands are to start the swing and to end the swing. Also, when I line up the club with my ball I have to put it in a position that when I swing through the ball it hits the face at a different local and hopefully the sweet spot.

I mention this for one very specific reason, the simple golf swing I am learning starts out by holding the club out straight, then has you bend over until the club touches the ground.

You move forward or backwards until the club lines up with the ball and you are set to begin your backswing. You have straight arms just like this new teaching pro using the Moe Norman simple swing says to do.

I have been looking for my DVD’s and finally found them. They are VCR’s not DVD’s. Anyway, I will look at these again. I see in the package that it came in there was a book also but I have not found that yet.

As you can see, I use the teachings from many people to formulate my swing. I can agree with many things that these teachers do but I don’t use everything they teach.

Anyway, I think this is a longer post then normal, so I am going to sign off and pick up tomorrow.

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