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Golf Swing Help for the Holidays

We have only four days to Christmas. If you want to get a present for the golfer in your life then check out my blog for the perfect golf swing.

On the top you will see some pages listed below the picture. “Golf Swing Reviews” is an ebook about chipping and putting. It is very good ebook with videos.

Next to that is “Golf Swing Reviews 2” which is learning your simple golf swing.

Another great technique to learn. It is simple and easy and will help you or your favorite golfer become a very good golfer in a very short time.

Give them the gift that will keep on giving and will last a lifetime. Get it now so you can practice during the winter.

Now onto my next post;

Before we get to the results, I want to talk about something I saw yesterday.

I was watching the Golf Channel and there was a guy on there giving tips to help your golf game. He had gotten an email about what would be the fastest way to improve a persons score.

He brought out a roll of toilet paper. He put it next to a cup he uses for putting. he stated that the roll was the exact same size as the cup while laying on it’s side. So he said it would be fair to use this as a putting guide as it would fair well as a guide and you could roll it out to help as a visual aide for the path.

He rolled it out about six feet and then he putted on the paper as it laid. The ball rolled right up to the roll as it followed on the toilet paper. Very ingenious of him or his staff.

So the moral of the story is to practice putting whether it is done indoors or out you have things that are at your disposal that will help as guides to practice with.

If you practce putting you will get a significant boost to help improve your scores.

And we all know this is true. Another story to tell you. A few weeks ago I was having trouble putting. I started the season as a terrible putter and got really good for a few weeks and then all of a sudden, I became ordinary. So I decided to practice a little putting in my living room and connected dining room.

That hour that I practiced helped make me better then average again. But I must say, while playing these 18 holes on Wednesday we only lag up and if we get closer than four feet we take the next putt as a gimmie and don’t putt out.

The reason I mention this is because when we get to tournaments or golf for real we are doing a disservice to ourselves by not putting out everything during this practice round. So when you are playing a round whether it is practice or in competition putt it into the cup all the time.

Today is the day I hope to be in the 70’s using info from my newsletter and instant access to the symple golf swing.

Next post is the results.

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