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A Simple Golf Swing is Needed

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Well, today was the day but my golf swing failed me or did it?

Have you ever rushed to the golf course only to be delayed by traffic, accidents or construction. Well it happened to me.

I was suppose to get there by 2:00 pm and I left at a minute or two later than I wanted but it was oK. I stopped to drop off mail at the post office, no problem so far but I went down a street that there has been construction going on but has been fairly event free.

Not today. I was delayed almost five minutes by construction. No big deal as they always tee off at or near 2:30 pm. I get there about five after two and I see the first of two carts going to the tee Cheap Levitra at hole number ten. I say what the heck?

I hurry and grab my stuff and my friend is waiting with his cart but I have to pay. So it is rush rush and then on the tee we are joined by a fifth golfer. We have to wait for him and the foursome in front of us is on the green now and we have yet to tee off.

I hit a good drive but that was about it for the rest of that nine. I am rushed, I am rushing these guys as there is a group following us and I want to keep us moving and it just doesn’t work out. I end up shooting a 46 for the first nine. I will never shoot anything in the seventies with a acai berry purchase start like that.

At the turn we lose a golfer and now we are a foursome

and they have put a twosome in between our two foursomes. That delays us a little and I am more at ease. On the ninth hole I figured out what I was doing wrong and have made the necessary corrections and OMG I shoot a thirty nine for the second nine.

I am thrilled. I was driving good, my second shots were good, not perfect but good. I hit five greens in regulation and bogie three holes and chip up and sink a putt for the sixth par. That is my first sub 40 round in over 15 years. I am thrilled, oh I said that already. But I was thrilled.

This has made me decide that I will never be a consistent seventies shooter but it is very possible that I will shoot in the eighties mostly and once in a while the nineties and could possibly dip into the seventies every now and then.

All in all it was a good day.

My next post is that we play again on Friday.

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