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Experimenting with my Golf Swing

Welcome Back and Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate.

Well I got a new golf bag, the first bag I have purchased in over twenty years and I got a new pair of golf shoes. These golf shoes are my first in about 23 years. I had a really good pair that I took absolutely no care of and they have lasted forever. I could probably wear them another ten years but I chose to get a new pair as my old ones looked bad.

You may get confused with the dates but I have put down my activities over this last summer and fall seasons. I have written a lot of post as I have done a lot of things. It is Decemeber obviously but this next post was from golfing in October

The next outing was with the regular guys on October 13th.

The weather had changed for the worse. The temps are going into the mid 60’s for a high and there is a threat of rain so there are only five guys today.

We get off to a bad start. We find out we can only play the front nine twice as they are airating the back nine. So to compensate they take off $5 and tell us it is their twi-light rate. I have come to the realization that I am still a long way away from shooting in the seventies.

It took me some time to realize that I was using a backswing that was too fast. For about five holes I was hacking and whacking my way around the golf course. I am in the same situation that I was in a million years ago. I cannot just go out and swing the club. I must concentrate and make the good back swing and then the good through swing. If I don’t then I don’t hit a good shot.

I shoot a 45 on the first nine and of course to add insult to misery we get rained on for three holes. It stops on hole number nine and we continue with hole number one again. The rain is holding off but I am not doing that much better. I am striking the ball better and concentrating Buy a prescription online a little more but I am swinging the club to hard.

The guy I am riding in the cart with complains on every shot that he cannot hit it as far as “You Long Hitters”. So to prove him right I am swinging harder then I should. I am still hitting my drives OK but I have a tendency to pull them into the trees. Most of the time that does not hurt as it is usually open left but the trees are deep to the right. The courses way of hurting you if you slice.

The rain starts on the fifth hole again and last for two acai buy holes and it is pretty hard this time. I put my rain suit on and use the umbrella. I usually play without my golf glove as my grips are in pretty good shape and it just feels better. But with this rain I have to put it on to keep from losing the clubs. I also use a towel wrapped around the grip to help me grip the club.

One cart of two guys quits and said they had enough.

We decide to play the seventh hole as we are going that way if we want to stop. But as we get closer to the green the rain begins to ease up. We play eight without rain but nine starts to rain again. So we finish 18 holes. My golf partner shoots a seventy eight, a great score and I shoot an eighty seven, not great but OK.

Next post is about an outing the guys are playing. I won’t know what it was like until later but I will tell you what the idea is in the next post.

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