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More Golf Swing Tips in Bad Weather

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Well we played again on Wednesday and the weather was suppose to be pretty nice it is Oct. 20.

It was a little cool but shirt sleeve. Just in case, I wore a long sleeve shirt with a pull over underneath. Good thing as it was cooler then we had hoped and when we got into the last three holes it was time to put the wind breaker on.

I’ve jumped ahead. We teed off about 2:00 pm. There were guys coming at 2:30 but we decided to tee off to get in before dark. There are six of us but we are pretty much by ourselves on the course. There is two threesomes in front of us but we never thought it would be a problem. Our other guys ended up playing a fivesome and were three holes behind us. That means we had eleven guys from our league still playing golf towards the end of October.

We kept pace with the group in front of us. We played the front nine in two hours and ten minutes with six guys and we had to wait on our shots a couple of times with the threesome in front of us.

I viewed some videos online previously about swinging easier by using a cocked wrist to maximize the speed of the swing without swinging faster. So I will use some of this time to experiment.

I have been swinging the clubs with a straight left arm and the take away is using both arms straight. My swing is very upright and the club never goes behind my back on the back swing.

As a matter of fact I am trying to use a half back swing all the time. The club goes a little further than half but my arms stop before half way or just above parallel to the ground. My follow through I am keeping my right elbow in tight to my side and push the ball out a little to keep from pulling the ball. I have also opened the club just slightly to also help.

I am hitting the ball really well and I am acai juice online able to repeat the back swing and follow through even though we are only playing once per week now. The weather just will not lend itself to playing a lot. As a matter of fact, I was able to shoot an 82 in todays weather while another guy in our sixsome shot his first 79. So, out of six guys we had two in the 70’s, three in the 80’s and one in the the 90’s.

We play ready golf, which means, when you are ready to hit, even if you are closer then the one that should be hitting, then you go ahead and hit. Many times two guys will hit simultaneously and sometimes, actually most times, you will be hitting your ball while the others are talking.

We like it and as you have seen we can play a round of golf with six guys in four hours and twenty minutes. With five it is four hours exactly and with a foursome we will play in less than four hours.

With the ready golf we find that we play a little better. There are a couple of guys that take out their GPS devices to determine how far away they are and this would slow it up for everyone but hitting out of turn we don’t have to wait and when they are ready to hit we have all hit. So it speeds things up.

My putting and chipping is improving and as a result I am able to have a gimmie or two after a chip onto the green and I haven’t three putted in quite a while. That Best online prescription has reduced my putts down to 34 or even 32 which is two to four under for the round.

I like to experiment with things to see if I can improve now that I am pretty consistant with my swing. Every now and then I will still chunk or top a ball so I concentrate real hard on the next shot to see what I am doing wrong. I will fix it and then hit the right way for the next three or four shots. Then I will try to experiment on another shot and then go back to shooting with my regular swing.

Some times I will experiment for the entire hole. I like what I heard the other day on the golf channel. It goes something like this; You want to hit your drive so that you are then going to play a short par three after that.

Anyway, we will probably play again next week so I will talk to you again about it in the next post

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