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My Good Golf Swing Helps in the Wind

Between last week and this week I have purchase two more online guides to hitting the ball better.

You would think that I would leave well enough alone and just fine tune what I am doing. My drives are tremendous although every now and then I will pull a drive into the woods and it will end up costing me a couple of strokes. The golf course has been airating the greens and as a result they are in rough shape but they are charging us very little for golf so hence I use it as a time to get out and play and also to try different things.

So far many of the things I have tried result in bad shots. When I go back to my current golf swing it just feels right.

I have found the source of many of my bad chips. I have been to fast with the back swing. Even though the club only goes back between 6 and 12 inches, I am too fast. So I have slowed down the back swing to stay in control and I am chipping much better.

It all boils down to control and tempo. The tempo needs to be good so that I will hit the ball clean.

Today is Wednesday and we are playing. There are severe wind advisories out today. They are expecting wind gusts in excess of 50 mph. I think that this is going to scare off a lot of the golfers in acai online our group but we end up with two foursomes.

We tee off early as the guy riding with me has to leave early for a dinner party and will only play nine holes and I also have a dinner affair to attend to so I will play as many as I can until it gets to be about 5:30 pm. We play the front nine in one hour and forty five minutes. I’m thinking I may be able to play all eighteen. But, alas that is not the case.

We catch up to a foursome that started out ahead of us by over forty minutes. They are slow and we are waiting now on every shot. So we jump ahead by two holes to get in front and go on our way. By the by, I end up shooting a 43 on the front. Not bad considering, I have lost four strokes due to experimentation and the greens are in bad shape and the wind is blowing steady at 20 to 25 mph with occassional gusts of 40+ mph.

In the next post I will give you more of the specifics. Including what happened on the par five at the eight hole and the ninth hole as well as the eightenth hole. Man I had some great shots. It is fun to be playing good again. And until you are there I will let you live those experiences through me.

I want to say this and it is not to be mean spirited. But when you are playing at an average of 100 or worse you never get a chance to have these types of shots Kamagra cheapest and get the thrill that you get when you do hit them.

I am telling you this so that you know like I have known over the last 12 years it is not that much fun to go out on the golf course and stink it up. I love having my wife say, “your in the middle again” or my fellow golfers say “nice chip, you can have that one footer”, or “wow, what a drive” or “you big drivers can go first” and more.

I have been experiencing this over and over during the past month and it feels great. Yah, my swing is much better know but that is not what you and I want. We want the adoration from our peers. We want the good scores. We want people saying “you got a 39, I’ve never had that in 30 years of golf”. That is why I keep experimenting, so that I can find the easiest way for me and soon you to play golf so that we can have better golf scorers.

Does that make sense

? I hope so and I hope you will continue to follow my adventures.

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